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Release Date

Box Office Gross


MPAA Rating

9 Focus Features Sep-09 $31.74 Animation PG13
21 Sony Mar-08 $81.16 Crime PG13
42 Warner Apr-13 $95.02 Biography PG13
54 Miramax Aug-98 $16.68 Drama R
187 Warner Jul-97 $5.73 Drama R
300 Warner Mar-07 $210.73 Action R
1408 MGM Jun-07 $71.98 Horror PG13
(500) Days of Summer Fox Searchlight Jul-09 $32.39 Comedy PG13
10,000 B.C. Warner Mar-08 $94.78 Adventure PG13
12 Years A Slave Regency Oct-13 $56.67 Biography R
127 Hours Fox Searchlight Nov-10 $18.34 Drama R
13 Going On 30 Sony Apr-04 $57.23 Comedy $0.00
13th Warrior, The Buena Vista Aug-99 $32.69 Action R
2 Days in Paris (Deux Jours) Samuel Goldwyn Aug-07 $4.43 Comedy R
2 Fast 2 Furious Universal Jun-03 $127.08 Action PG13
20 Dates Fox Searchlight Feb-99 $0.54 Comedy R
20 Feet From Stardom Weinstein Jun-13 $4.95 Docu PG13
200 Cigarettes Paramount Feb-99 $0.00 Comedy R
21 & Over Relativity Mar-13 $25.68 Comedy R
21 Grams Focus Features Nov-03 $16.27 Drama R
21 Jump Street Sony Mar-12 $138.45 Action R
25th Hour Buena Vista Dec-02 $13.08 Drama R
28 Days Later Fox Searchlight Jun-03 $45.06 Horror R
28 Weeks Later Fox Apr-07 $28.68 Thriller R
3 Days to Kill Relativity Feb-14 $30.70 Action PG-13
3 Ninjas Buena Vista Aug-92 $29.00 Action PG
3 Ninjas Kick Back Sony May-94 $11.74 Sequel PG
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Sony Mar-95 $0.00 Sequel PG
3 Strikes MGM Mar-00 $9.83 Comedy R
3:10 to Yuma Lionsgate Sep-07 $53.60 Western R
30 Days Of Night Columbia Oct-07 $39.57 Horror R
30 Minutes or Less Columbia Aug-11 $37.05 Action R
32 Short Films About Glenn Gould Goldwyn Apr-94 $0.00 Drama NR
40 Days and 40 Nights Miramax Mar-02 $37.94 Comedy R
40 Year-Old Virgin, The Universal Aug-05 $109.45 Comedy R
42 Up First Run Nov-99 $0.26 Docu NR
50 First Dates Columbia Feb-04 $121.00 Comedy $0.00
50 Shades of Black Open Road Jan-16 $11.38 Comedy R
50/50 Summit Sep-11 $35.01 Comedy R
8 Heads In A Duffel Bag Orion/M.E.G. Apr-97 $3.58 Comedy R
8 Mile Universal Nov-02 $116.75 Drama R
8 Seconds New Line Feb-94 $19.58 Drama PG13
A Team Fox Jun-10 $77.21 Action PG13
Abduction Lionsgate Sep-11 $28.09 Action PG13
About a Boy Universal May-02 $41.20 Comedy PG-13
About Last Night Sony Feb-14 $48.64 Romance R
About Schmidt New Line Dec-02 $65.01 Comedy R
Above The Law Warner Apr-88 $18.87 Action R
Above The Rim New Line Mar-94 $16.19 Drama R
Accepted Universal Aug-06 $36.50 Comedy PG-13
Accountant, The Warner Bros. Oct-16 $86.26 ACtion R
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Warner Feb-94 $72.22 Comedy PG13
Across the Sea of Time Sony PC Oct-95 $16.00 Drama G
Act of Valor Relativity Feb-12 $62.45 Action R
Adaptation Columbia Dec-02 $22.20 Comedy $0.00
Addams Family Paramount Nov-91 $111.22 Comedy PG13
Addicted Lionsgate Oct-14 $17.39 Drama R
Addicted To Love Warner May-97 $34.67 Comedy R
Addiction, The October Oct-95 $0.31 Horror NR
Admission Focus Features Mar-13 $18.01 Comedy PG13
Adventureland Miramax Apr-09 $16.04 Comedy R
Adventures of Baron Munchausen Sony Mar-89 $8.73 Action PG
Adventures of Milo & Otis Columbia Aug-89 $13.30 Family G
Adventures Of Pinocchio, The New Line Jul-96 $15.38 Family G
Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Warner Aug-02 $4.42 Comedy PG13
Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D Dimension Jun-05 $39.18 Action PG
Adventures of Tintin, The Paramount Dec-11 $77.60 Animation PG
Advocate, The Miramax Aug-94 $0.60 Mystery R
Afterglow Sony PC Dec-97 $2.47 Comedy R
Against the Ropes Paramount Feb-04 $5.88 Drama PG13
Agent Cody Banks MGM Mar-03 $47.81 Action PG
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London MGM Mar-04 $23.63 Comedy PG
Air Bud Buena Vista Aug-97 $23.14 Comedy PG
Air Force One Columbia Jul-97 $172.96 Action R
Air Up There, The Buena Vista Jan-94 $0.00 Comedy PG
Airheads Fox Aug-94 $5.02 Comedy PG13
Akeelah And The Bee Lionsgate Apr-06 $18.85 Drama PG
Alaska Sony Aug-96 $11.51 Adventure PG
Albino Alligator Miramax Jan-97 $0.00 Drama R
Alice in Wonderland Buena Vista Mar-10 $334.19 Adventure PG
Alien Vs. Predator Fox Aug-04 $80.28 Horror PG13
Aliens Fox Jul-86 $77.63 Action R
Alive Buena Vista Jan-93 $36.77 Action R
All About The Benjamins New Line Mar-02 $25.51 Comedy R
All Access Front Row, Backstage, LIVE! IMAX Apr-01 $0.99 Docu NR
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 MGM Mar-96 $8.56 Family G
All Is Lost Roadside Attractions Oct-13 $6.26 Action PG13
All Over Me Fine Line Apr-97 $0.00 Comedy R
All The Real Girls SPC Feb-03 $0.55 Drama R
Almost Famous Dreamworks Sep-00 $32.52 Drama R
Almost Heroes Warner May-98 $0.00 Comedy PG13
Alone in the Dark Lionsgate Jan-05 $5.18 Action R
Along Came a Spider Paramount Apr-01 $74.10 Thriller $0.00
Along Came Polly Universal Jan-04 $87.90 Comedy $0.00
Alpha and Omega Lionsgate Sep-10 $25.11 Animation PG
Alpha Dog Universal Jan-07 $15.23 Crime R
Amadeus Orion Sep-84 $51.56 Biography PG
Amateur Sony PC Apr-95 $0.76 Comedy R
Amazing Grace IDP Feb-07 $21.21 Biography PG
Amazing Panda Adventure, The Warner Aug-95 $7.51 Family PG
Amelie Miramax Nov-01 $33.23 Comedy R
American Beauty Dreamworks Sep-99 $130.10 Drama R
American Buffalo Orion Sep-96 $0.67 Drama R
American Desi Box Office Ent. Mar-01 $0.91 Comedy NR
American Dreamz Universal Apr-06 $7.19 Comedy PG13
American History X New Line Feb-99 $6.72 Crime R
American Movie Sony PC Nov-99 $1.17 Docu R
American Pie Universal Jul-99 $102.56 Comedy R
American Pie 2 Universal Aug-01 $145.10 Comedy $0.00
American Pie II Universal Aug-01 $145.10 Comedy R
American Pimp Seventh Art Jun-00 $0.29 Docu R
American President Columbia Nov-95 $60.08 Comedy PG13
American Psycho LionsGate Apr-00 $15.07 Drama R
American Reunion Universal Apr-12 $56.76 Comedy R
American Splendor Fine Line Aug-03 $6.01 Drama R
American Wedding Universal Aug-03 $104.00 Comedy $0.00
American Werewolf In Paris, An Buena Vista Dec-97 $26.55 Sequel R
American, The Focus Features Sep-10 $35.00 Crime R
America’s Sweethearts Columbia Jul-01 $93.60 Romance $0.00
Amistad Dreamworks Dec-97 $44.18 Drama R
Amores Perros Lionsgate Mar-01 $5.41 Drama R
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Sony Aug-04 $31.53 Adventure PG13
Analyze This Warner Mar-99 $106.89 0000000 R
Anastasia Fox Nov-97 $58.41 Animation G
Anchorman DreamWorks Jul-04 $84.27 Comedy PG13
And Baby Makes Two First Run Jun-99 $0.00 Docu NR
Andre Paramount Aug-94 $16.77 Adventure PG
Angel Baby CFP Jan-97 $0.13 Romance R
Angel Eyes Warner May-01 $24.17 Drama R
Angels and Insects Goldwyn Jan-96 $3.41 Drama R
Angels In The Outfield Buena Vista Jul-94 $50.24 Comedy PG
Anger Management Columbia Apr-03 $134.00 Comedy $0.00
Angie Buena Vista Mar-94 $9.25 Comedy R
Angus New Line Sep-95 $4.81 Comedy PG13
Animal Kingdom SPC Aug-10 $1.04 Crime R
Animal, The Columbia Jun-01 $55.80 Comedy $0.00
Anna Karenina Focus Features Nov-12 $12.82 Drama R
Anna Karenina 97 Warner Apr-97 $0.83 Drama PG13
Annapolis Buena Vista Jan-06 $17.13 Drama PG13
Anniversary Party Fine Line Jun-01 $4.01 Drama R
Anonymous Columbia Oct-11 $4.46 Drama PG13
Another Year SPC Dec-10 $3.20 Comedy PG13
Antwone Fisher Fox Searchlight Dec-02 $21.08 Drama PG13
Anvil! The Story of Anvil Abramorama Apr-09 $0.67 Docu NR
Anything Else DreamWorks Sep-03 $3.22 Comedy R
Apocalypto Buena Vista Dec-06 $50.86 Action R
Apollo 18 Weinstein Sep-11 $17.69 Horror PG13
Apostle, The October Dec-97 $20.75 Drama PG13
Appaloosa Warner Sep-08 $20.81 Action R
Apt Pupil TriStar Oct-98 $8.84 Drama R
Aquamarine Fox Mar-06 $18.60 Comedy PG
Arabian Knight MGM Aug-95 $0.00 Animation G
Arbitrage Roadside Attractions
Sep-12 $7.92 Drama R
Are We There Yet? Sony Jan-05 $82.67 Comedy PG
Argo Warner Oct-12 $136.03 Drama R
Armageddon Buena Vista Jul-98 $201.58 Action PG13
Army of Darkness Universal Feb-93 $11.50 Comedy R
Arrival, The Orion May-96 $14.03 SciFi PG13
Arthur Warner Apr-11 $33.04 Comedy PG13
Artist, The Weinstein Nov-11 $44.44 Romance PG13
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Warner Sep-07 $3.90 Biography R
Astronaut Farmer, The Warner Feb-07 $11.00 Drama PG
ATL Warner Mar-06 $21.17 Comedy PG13
Atlantis: the Lost Empire Buena Vista Jun-01 $84.06 Animation PG
Atonement Focus Features Dec-07 $50.92 Drama R
Attack the Block Screen Gems Jul-11 $1.02 Action R
Au Revoir, Les Enfants Orion Classics Feb-88 $4.54 Drama PG
August Samuel Goldwyn Apr-96 $0.05 Drama PG
August Rush Warner Nov-07 $31.66 Drama PG
August: Osage County Weinstein Dec-13 $37.74 Drama R
Austin Powers New Line May-97 $53.82 Comedy PG13
Austin Powers In Goldmember New Line Jul-02 $213.00 Comedy $0.00
Australia Fox Nov-08 $49.55 Adventure PG13
Avatar Fox Aug-10 $760.51 Action PG13
Avengers Warner Aug-98 $22.96 0000000 PG13
Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Buena VIsta May-15 $459.00 Action PG13
Aviator Miramax Dec-04 $102.61 Biography PG13
Awake Weinstein Nov-07 $14.37 Crime R
Awakenings Columbia Dec-90 $52.10 Drama PG13
Away From Her Lionsgate May-07 $4.57 Drama PG13
Awfully Big Adventure, An Fine Line Jul-95 $0.26 Comedy R
Awkward Moment, That Focus Features Jan-14 $26.07 Comedy R
B.A.P.S (Black American Princesses) New Line Mar-97 $7.25 Comedy PG13
Babadook, The IFC Nov-14 $0.96 Drama NR
Babe Universal Aug-95 $63.66 Comedy G
Babel Paramount Oct-06 $34.30 Drama R
Babies Focus Features May-10 $7.32 Docu PG
Baby Boy Columbia Jun-01 $28.73 Drama R
Baby Mama Universal Apr-08 $60.50 Comedy PG13
Babyfever Rainbow Apr-94 $0.02 Comedy R
Baby’s Day Out Fox Jul-94 $16.58 Comedy PG
Baby-sitters’ Club, The TriStar Aug-95 $9.55 Drama R
Bachelor Party Fox Jun-84 $38.44 Comedy R
Bachelorette TWC Sep-12 $0.45 Comedy R
Backbeat Goldwyn Apr-94 $2.39 Comedy R
Backstage Dimension Sep-00 $1.19 Docu R
Back-Up Plan, The CBS Films Apr-10 $37.48 Comedy PG13
Bad Boys Columbia Apr-95 $65.65 Action R
Bad Boys II Columbia Jul-03 $138.40 Comedy R
Bad Company Buena Vista Jan-95 $3.52 Suspense R
Bad Girls Fox Apr-94 $15.19 Westerm R
Bad Lieutenant Aries Nov-92 $1.67 Crime NC17
Bad Moon Warner Nov-96 $1.06 Horror R
Bad News Bears Paramount Jul-05 $32.87 Comedy PG13
Bad Santa Miramax Nov-03 $60.06 Comedy R
Bad Words Focus Features Mar-14 $7.80 Comedy R
Baggage Claim Fox Searchlight Sep-13 $21.57 Romance PG-13
Bait Warner Sep-00 $15.33 Action R
Balls Of Fury Focus Features Aug-07 $32.88 Action PG13
Band’s Visit (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret), The SPC Feb-08 $3.05 Comedy PG13
Banger Sisters, The Fox Searchlight Sep-02 $30.31 Comedy PG13
Bank Job, The Lionsgate Mar-08 $30.03 Thriller R
Barb Wire Goldwyn May-96 $3.79 Action R
Barbarian Invasions Miramax Nov-03 $3.43 Comedy R
Barbershop 2: Back In Business MGM Feb-04 $65.11 Comedy PG13
Barcelona Fine Line Jul-94 $7.22 Romance R
Barney’s Great Adventure Polygram Apr-98 $12.22 Adventure G
Barney’s Version Universal Dec-10 $7.50 Drama R
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals Paramount Aug-06 $72.60 Animation PG
Baseketball Universal Jul-98 $7.03 Comedy R
Basic Sony Mar-03 $26.54 Drama R
Basketball Diaries New Line Apr-95 $2.13 Drama R
Basquiat Miramax Aug-96 $2.96 Drama R
Batman Begins Warner Jun-05 $205.34 Action PG13
Bats Destination Oct-99 $10.16 Horror PG13
Battle: Los Angeles Sony Mar-11 $83.55 Action PG13
Be Kind Rewind New Yorker Feb-08 $11.20 Comedy PG13
Beach, The Fox Feb-00 $39.78 Adventure R
Bean Gramercy Oct-97 $45.32 Comedy PG13
Beasts of No Nation Bleecker Street Oct-15 $0.09 Drama NR
Beasts of the Southern Wild Fox Searchlight Jun-12 $12.80 Drama PG 13
Beautician and the Beast, The Paramount Feb-97 $11.47 Comedy PG
Beautiful Girls Miramax Feb-96 $10.52 Comedy R
Beautiful Mind, A Universal Dec-01 $170.74 Drama PG13
Beautiful Thing Sony PC Oct-96 $1.55 Romance R
Beauty Shop MGM Apr-05 $36.35 Comedy PG13
Beavis & Butthead Do America Paramount Dec-96 $63.04 Comedy PG13
Because of Winn-Dixie Fox Feb-05 $32.65 Comedy PG
Bed of Roses New Line Jan-96 $18.97 Drama PG
Bedazzled Fox Oct-00 $37.89 Comedy PG13
Bee Season Fox Searchlight Nov-05 $1.18 Drama PG13
Beerfest Warner Aug-06 $19.20 Comedy R
Beethoven Universal Apr-92 $57.03 Comedy PG
Beetlejuice Warner Mar-88 $72.39 Comedy PG
Before And After Buena Vista Feb-96 $8.64 Drama PG13
Before Sunrise Sony Jan-95 $5.54 Drama R
Before Sunset Warner Jul-04 $5.80 Drama R
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead ThinkFilm Oct-07 $7.08 Crime R
Begin Again Weinstein Jun-14 $16.17 Drama R
Beginners Focus Features Jun-11 $5.84 Comedy R
Behind Enemy Lines Fox Nov-01 $59.10 Action $0.00
Being Human Warner May-94 $1.46 Comedy PG13
Being John Malkovich USA Films Oct-99 $22.86 Comedy R
Bella Samuel Goldwyn Oct-07 $8.11 Drama PG13
Belly Artisan Nov-98 $9.64 Drama R
Bend It Like Beckham Fox Searchlight Mar-03 $32.54 Comedy PG13
Benji The Hunted Buena Vista Jun-87 $22.26 Adventure G
Bent MGM Nov-97 $0.50 Drama NC17
Beowulf & Grendel Truly Indie Jun-06 $0.07 Action R
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Fox Searchlight May-12 $46.39 Drama PG13
Best In Show Warner Sep-00 $18.72 Comedy PG13
Best Man Holiday Universal Nov-13 $70.53 Comedy R
Best Man, The Universal Oct-99 $34.10 Comedy R
Better Life, A Summit Jun-11 $1.76 Drama PG13
Better Luck Tomorrow Paramount Apr-03 $3.80 Drama R
Better Than Chocolate Trimark Aug-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Betty Blue First Look Jan-87 $2.00 Drama R
Beverly Hills Ninja Sony Jan-97 $31.25 Action R
Beyond Rangoon Sony Aug-95 $5.61 Drama R
Beyond The Lights Relativity Nov-14 $14.62 Drama PG-13
Beyond the Mat LionsGate Oct-99 $2.05 Docu R
Big Bad Love IFC Feb-02 $0.10 Drama R
Big Bounce, The Warner Jan-04 $6.49 Crime PG13
Big Bully Warner Jan-96 $2.04 Comedy PG
Big Fat Liar Universal Feb-02 $47.84 Comedy PG
Big Fish Sony Dec-03 $66.26 Drama PG13
Big Green, The Buena Vista Sep-95 $17.74 Comedy PG
Big Hit, The TriStar Apr-98 $27.01 Comedy R
Big Kahuna, The (1999) LionsGate Apr-00 $3.17 Comedy R
Big Lebowski, The Gramercy Mar-98 $17.45 Comedy R
Big Night Goldwyn Sep-96 $12.00 Comedy R
Big Wedding, The Lionsgate Apr-13 $21.82 Comedy R
Biggie & Tupac Roxie Sep-02 $0.09 Docu R
Biker Boyz DreamWorks Jan-03 $21.91 Drama PG13
Bill Cunningham New York Zeitgeist Mar-11 $1.51 Docu NR
Billabong Odyssey ArenaPlex LLC Nov-03 $0.16 Docu PG
Billy Elliot Universal Oct-00 $22.00 Comedy R
Billy Madison Universal Feb-95 $25.46 Comedy PG13
Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss Trimark Jul-98 $2.07 Comedy R
Bio-Dome MGM Jan-96 $13.29 Comedy PG13
Bird of Prey Northern Arts Oct-96 $0.00 Comedy R
Birdman Fox Searchlight Oct-14 $42.31 Comedy R
Bitter Moon Fine Line Mar-94 $1.84 Drama R
Biutiful Roadside Attractions Jan-11 $5.10 Drama R
Black Beauty Warner Jul-94 $4.43 Family G
Black Christmas Weinstein Dec-06 $16.24 Horror R
Black Hawk Down Screen Gems Dec-01 $108.64 Action R
Black Mask Artisan May-99 $12.50 Action R
Black Nativity Fox Searchlight Nov-13 $0.44 Drama PG
Black or White Relativity Jan-15 $21.57 Drama PG-13
Black Robe Goldwyn Nov-91 $8.21 Adventure R
Black Sheep Paramount Feb-96 $32.33 Comedy PG13
Black Swan Fox Searchlight Dec-10 $106.95 Drama R
Blackfish Magnolia Jul-13 $2.07 Docu PG-13
Blade New Line Aug-98 $70.14 Action R
Blade 2 New Line Mar-02 $82.35 Action R
Blade: Trinity New Line Dec-04 $52.40 Action R
Blades of Glory Paramount Mar-07 $118.59 Comedy PG13
Blair Witch Project,  The Artisan Jul-99 $140.54 Drama R
Blank Check Buena Vista Feb-94 $30.57 Comedy PG
Blankman Columbia Aug-94 $7.40 Comedy PG13
Blind Side, The Warner Nov-09 $255.95 Drama PG13
Blink New Line Jan-94 $16.67 Suspense R
Bliss Sony Jun-97 $0.29 Drama R
Blood & Wine Fox Searchlight Feb-97 $1.08 Suspense R
Blood Diamond, The Warner Dec-06 $57.37 Drama R
Blood Ties Roadside Attractions Mar-14 $0.04 Crime R
Bloodrayne Romar Jan-06 $2.40 Action R
Bloodsport Cannon Feb-88 $11.81 Action R
Bloodsport II FM Ent.Intl. Mar-96 $0.68 Action R
Blow New Line Apr-01 $52.99 Biography R
Blown Away MGM Jul-94 $30.13 Action R
Blue Chips Paramount Feb-94 $22.36 Drama PG13
Blue Crush Universal Aug-02 $40.16 Drama PG13
Blue in the Face Miramax Oct-95 $1.27 Drama R
Blue Ruin Radius-TWC Apr-14 $0.26 Crime R
Blue Sky Orion Sep-94 $3.28 Drama PG13
Blue Valentine Weinstein Dec-10 $9.70 Drama R
Blues Brothers 2000 Universal Feb-98 $14.00 Sequel PG13
Boat Trip Artisan Mar-03 $8.60 Comedy R
Bob Roberts Paramount Sep-92 $4.48 Comedy R
Bobby Weinstein Nov-06 $11.20 Drama R
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius Film Foundry Apr-04 $2.69 Drama PG
Body of Lies Warner Oct-08 $39.38 Action R
Body Shots New Line Oct-99 $0.00 Drama R
Bogus Warner Sep-96 $4.36 Family PG
Boiler Room New Line Feb-00 $16.97 Thriller R
Bones New Line Oct-01 $7.32 Horror R
Boogeyman Sony Feb-05 $46.75 Drama PG13
Boogie Nights New Line Oct-97 $26.40 Drama R
Book of Eli, The Warner Jan-10 $94.82 Action R
Book Thief, The Fox Nov-13 $21.49 Drama PG-13
Boondock Saints II:  All Saints Day Apparition Oct-09 $10.30 Action R
Booty Call Sony Feb-97 $20.05 Comedy R
Borat Fox Nov-06 $116.24 Comedy R
Born To Be Wild (1995) Warner Mar-95 $3.73 Adventure PG
Born To Be Wild (2011) Warner Apr-11 $20.55 Docu G
Borrowers Polygram Feb-98 $22.62 Adventure PG
Bottle Rocket Columbia Feb-96 $0.56 Comedy R
Bounce Miramax Nov-00 $36.81 Drama PG13
Bound Gramercy Oct-96 $3.78 Thriller R
Bounty Hunter, The Columbia Mar-10 $67.06 Action PG13
Bourne Identity, The Universal Jun-02 $121.66 Action PG13
Bourne Supremacy, The Universal Jul-04 $176.24 Action PG13
Bourne Ultimatum, The Universal Aug-07 $227.47 Action PG13
Bowling for Columbine MGM Oct-02 $21.51 Docu R
Box, the Warner Nov-09 $15.05 Drama PG13
Boxer, The Universal Dec-97 $5.82 Drama R
Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Miramax Nov-08 $9.03 Drama PG13
Boynton Beach Club IDP Mar-06 $3.13 Comedy R
Boys Don’t Cry Fox Searchlight Oct-99 $11.54 Drama R
Boys of Baraka, The ThinkFilm Nov-05 $0.32 Docu NR
Boys On The Side Warner Feb-95 $23.42 Drama R
Boyz ‘N the Hood Columbia Jul-91 $57.50 Drama R
Brassed Off Miramax May-97 $2.58 Comedy R
Bratz: The Movie Lionsgate Aug-07 $10.01 Comedy PG
Brave One, The Warner Sep-07 $36.79 Crime R
Braveheart Paramount May-95 $75.61 Drama R
Breakdown Paramount May-97 $50.16 Action R
Breakin’ All The Rules Sony May-04 $11.83 Comedy PG13
Breaking The Waves October Nov-96 $3.97 Drama R
Brick Focus Features Mar-06 $2.08 Drama R
Bride & Prejudice Miramax Feb-05 $6.61 Comedy PG13
Bride Of Chucky Universal Oct-98 $32.40 Horror R
Bridesmaids Universal May-11 $169.10 Comedy R
Bridge of Spies Buena Vista Oct-15 $72.31 Drama PG-13
Bridge to Terabithia Buena Vista Feb-07 $82.23 Adventure PG
Bridges Of Madison County, The Warner Jun-95 $71.52 Romance PG13
Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Universal Nov-04 $40.20 Comedy R
Bridget Jones’s Diary Miramax Apr-01 $71.50 Comedy R
Brief History of Time, A Triton Aug-92 $2.28 Docu G
Brigham City Excel Enter. Apr-01 $0.85 Thriller PG13
Bring It On Universal Aug-00 $68.38 Comedy PG13
Bringing Down The House Buena Vista Mar-03 $132.58 Comedy PG13
Brokeback Mountain Focus Features Dec-05 $83.04 Drama R
Brokedown Palace Fox Aug-99 $10.11 Drama PG13
Broken Flowers Focus Features Aug-05 $13.70 Comedy R
Broken Hearts Club Sony PC Sep-00 $1.75 Comedy R
Brother from Another Planet, the Cinecom Oct-84 $3.27 Comedy R
Brotherly Love Freestyle Apr-15 $0.48 Drama R
Brothers Lionsgate Dec-09 $28.50 Drama R
Brothers Grimm, The Miramax Aug-05 $37.92 Action PG13
Brothers McMullen Fox Searchlight Aug-95 $10.23 Comedy R
Brothers Solomon, The Screen Gems Sep-07 $0.90 Comedy R
Brothers, The Sony Mar-01 $27.46 Comedy R
Brown Sugar Fox Searchlight Oct-02 $27.36 Comedy PG13
Brown’s Requiem Avalanche Films Feb-00 $0.00 Thriller R
Bruce Almighty Universal May-03 $242.70 Comedy PG13
Buddy Sony Jun-97 $10.11 Comedy PG
Buddy Boy Fine Line Mar-00 $0.13 Drama R
Buena Vista Social Club Artisan Jun-99 $7.00 Docu G
Buffalo 66 LionsGate Jun-98 $2.38 Drama R
Bug Lionsgate May-07 $7.01 Drama R
Bug’s Life, A Buena Vista Nov-98 $162.80 Animation G
Bull Durham Orion Jun-88 $50.89 Comedy R
Bulletproof Universal Sep-96 $21.20 Action R
Bulletproof Monk MGM Apr-03 $23.35 Action PG13
Bullets Over Broadway Miramax Oct-94 $13.00 Comedy R
Bulworth Fox May-98 $26.53 Drama R
Buried Lionsgate Sep-10 $1.04 Drama R
Bushwhacked Fox Aug-95 $7.38 Comedy PG
Business of Fancydancing, The Outrider Pictures May-02 $0.18 Drama $0.00
But I’m A Cheerleader LionsGate Jul-00 $2.21 Comedy R
Butcher Boy, The Warner Apr-98 $2.00 Comedy R
Butterfly Effect, The New Line Jan-04 $57.79 Drama R
Cabin Boy Buena Vista Jan-94 $3.47 Comedy PG13
Cabin Fever Lionsgate Sep-03 $21.16 Horror R
Cabin in the Woods Lionsgate Apr-12 $42.07 Horror R
Cache’ SPC Dec-05 $3.63 Drama R
Calendar Girls Buena Vista Dec-03 $31.04 Comedy PG13
Camp Nowhere Buena Vista Aug-94 $10.44 Comedy PG
Canadian Bacon Gramercy Sep-95 $0.00 Comedy PG
Candyman TriStar Oct-92 $25.79 Drama R
Candyman (2, II): Farewell to the Flesh Gramercy Mar-95 $13.94 Fantasy R
Can’t Hardly Wait Sony Jun-98 $25.61 Comedy PG13
Capote SPC Sep-05 $28.75 Drama R
Captain America: Civil War Buena Vista May-16 $406.60 Action PG13
Captain America: the First Avenger Paramount Jul-11 $176.64 Action PG13
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Buena Vista Apr-14 $259.77 Action PG13
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin Universal Aug-01 $25.54 Drama R
Captain Phillips Sony Oct-13 $107.10 Drama PG13
Capturing the Friedmans Magnolia May-03 $3.12 Docu NR
Career Girls October Aug-97 $2.52 Drama R
Carman: The Champion 8X Entertainment Mar-01 $1.74 Drama PG13
Carnage SPC Dec-11 $2.55 Comedy R
Carpool Warner Aug-96 $0.00 Comedy PG
Carrie MGM Nov-76 $33.80 Drama R
Carrington Gramercy Nov-95 $0.00 Drama R
Cars Buena Vista Jun-06 $244.08 Comedy G
Casa de mi Padre Lionsgate Mar-14 $5.91 Comedy R
Casanova Buena Vista Dec-05 $11.30 Comedy R
Casino Universal Nov-95 $42.39 Drama R
Cast Away Fox Dec-00 $233.63 Drama PG13
Catch a Fire Focus Features Oct-06 $4.29 Action PG13
Catch Me If You Can DreamWorks Dec-02 $164.61 Biography PG13
Catch That Kid Fox Feb-04 $16.70 Action PG
Catfish in Black Bean Sauce Iron Hill Pictures Jun-00 $1.32 Comedy PG13
Cats & Dogs Warner Jul-01 $93.39 Comedy PG
Cat’s Eye MGM Apr-85 $8.98 Comedy PG13
Catwoman Warner Jul-04 $41.90 Action PG13
Caught Sony PC Sep-96 $0.36 Drama R
Caught Up Live Feb-98 $6.75 Drama R
Cave, The Sony Aug-05 $15.01 Action PG13
Cecil B. Demented Artisan Aug-00 $1.28 Comedy R
Cedar Rapids Fox Searchlight Feb-11 $6.86 Comedy R
Celebrity Miramax Nov-98 $5.07 Drama R
Cell, The New Line Aug-00 $61.33 Horror R
Cellular New Line Sep-04 $32.00 Action PG13
Celtic Pride Buena Vista Apr-96 $9.24 Comedy PG13
Cement Garden October Feb-94 $0.26 Drama NR
Center of the World, The Artisan Apr-01 $1.01 Drama NR
Centurion Magnolia Aug-10 $0.12 Action R
Century IRS Media Dec-94 $0.01 Drama R
Change-Up, The Universal Aug-11 $37.08 Comedy R
Changing Lanes Paramount Apr-02 $66.80 Drama $0.00
Charlie St. Cloud Universal Jul-10 $31.16 Drama PG13
Charlie Wilson’s War Universal Dec-07 $66.66 Biography R
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle Columbia Jun-03 $101.00 Action $0.00
Chase, The Fox Mar-94 $7.84 Action PG13
Chasing Amy Miramax Apr-97 $12.00 Comedy R
Chasing Liberty Warner Jan-04 $12.20 Comedy PG13
Chasing Papi Fox Apr-03 $6.13 Comedy PG
Cheaper by the Dozen Fox Dec-03 $139.00 Comedy $0.00
Cherish Fine Line Jun-02 $0.18 Comedy R
Chernobyl Diaries Warner May-12 $18.12 Horror R
Chicago Miramax Dec-02 $171.00 Musical $0.00
Children of a Lesser God Paramount Oct-86 $31.90 Drama R
Children of Men Universal Dec-06 $35.29 Adventure R
Children Of The Corn New World Mar-84 $14.57 Horror R
Children of the Revolution Miramax May-97 $0.84 Comedy R
Child’s Play MGM Nov-88 $33.24 Horror R
China Moon Orion Mar-94 $2.98 Suspense R
China: The Panda Adventure IMAX Jul-01 $3.71 Docu NR
Chocolat Miramax Dec-00 $71.51 Comedy PG13
Chopper First Look Apr-01 $0.24 Drama NR
Christmas Story, A MGM Nov-83 $17.88 Comedy PG
Christmas With The Kranks Columbia Nov-04 $73.70 Comedy $0.00
Chronicle Fox Feb-12 $64.58 Action PG13
Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, The Buena Vista Dec-05 $291.71 Action PG
Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Fox Dec-10 $104.38 Adventure PG
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Buena Vista May-08 $141.62 Action PG
Chronicles of Riddick, The Universal Jun-04 $57.68 Action PG13
Chuck & Buck Artisan Jul-00 $1.06 Comedy R
Cider House Rules Miramax Dec-99 $57.55 Drama PG13
Cinderella Man Universal Jun-05 $61.64 Biography PG13
Cinderella Story Warner Jul-04 $51.43 Comedy PG
Circle of Friends Savoy Mar-95 $23.40 Drama PG13
Circuit Jour de Fete Apr-02 $0.24 Drama NR
City By The Sea Warner Sep-02 $22.43 Crime R
City Hall Columbia Feb-96 $20.28 Drama R
City of God Miramax Jan-03 $7.56 Drama R
City of Industry Orion Mar-97 $1.57 Crime R
City Slickers II Columbia Jun-94 $43.62 Comedy PG13
City, The Zeitgeist Oct-99 $0.24 Drama NR
Civil Brand Lionsgate Aug-03 $0.25 Drama R
Claim, The MGM Dec-00 $0.40 Romance R
Clash of the Titans (2010) Warner Apr-10 $163.19 Action PG13
Clay Pigeons Gramercy Sep-98 $1.79 Comedy R
Clean Slate MGM May-94 $7.36 Comedy PG13
Clearing, The Fox Searchlight Jul-04 $5.76 Drama R
Clerks Miramax Oct-94 $3.07 Comedy R
Clerks 2 Weinstein Jul-06 $24.15 Comedy R
Clifford Orion Apr-94 $7.35 Comedy PG
Clockers Universal Sep-95 $12.99 Drama R
Clockstoppers Paramount Mar-02 $37.00 SciFi PG
Clockwatchers Artistic License May-98 $0.54 Comedy PG13
Closer Sony Dec-04 $33.99 Drama R
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Sony Sep-09 $124.87 Animation PG
Cloverfield Paramount Jan-08 $80.05 Horror PG13
Club Dread, Broken Lizard’s Fox Searchlight Feb-04 $4.99 Comedy R
Clueless Paramount Jul-95 $0.00 Comedy PG13
Coach Carter Paramount Jan-05 $67.26 Drama PG13
Cobb Warner Dec-94 $0.85 Drama R
Cockettes, The Strand May-02 $0.22 Docu R
Cocoon Fox Jun-85 $76.11 Comedy PG13
Coffee and Cigarettes MGM Home Entertainment Sep-03 $1.97 Comedy R
Cold Comfort Farm Gramercy May-96 $5.68 Comedy PG
Cold Mountain Miramax Dec-03 $95.63 Drama R
Collateral DreamWorks Aug-04 $100.00 Action $0.00
College Road Trip Walt Disney Mar-08 $45.60 Adventure G
Color of Night Buena Vista Aug-94 $19.66 Suspense R
Color of the Cross Rocky Mountain Oct-06 $0.08 Drama PG13
Comedian Miramax Oct-02 $2.75 Docu R
Commandments Gramercy May-97 $0.52 Comedy R
Commitments, The Fox Aug-91 $14.92 Comedy R
Company Men, The Weinstein Jan-11 $4.44 Drama R
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Buena Vista Feb-04 $29.31 Comedy PG
Confidence Lionsgate Apr-03 $12.21 Crime R
Conjuring, The New Line Jul-13 $137.40 Horror R
Connie and Carla Universal Apr-04 $8.06 Comedy PG13
Constant Gardener Focus Features Aug-05 $33.58 Drama R
Warner Feb-05 $76.00 Horror R
Contagion Warner Sep-11 $75.66 Drama PG13
Contraband Universal Jan-12 $66.53 Action R
Control Weinstein Oct-07 $0.87 Biography R
Control Room, The Magnolia May-04 $2.59 Docu NR
Conversations With God Samuel Goldwyn Oct-06 $0.42 Adventure PG
Conviction Fox Searchlight Oct-10 $6.80 Biography R
Cookie’s Fortune USA Films Apr-99 $10.92 Comedy PG13
Cookout, The Lionsgate Sep-04 $11.55 Comedy PG13
Cooler, The Lionsgate Nov-03 $8.26 Drama R
Cop Land Miramax Aug-97 $44.90 Drama R
Copycat Warner Oct-95 $32.05 Suspense R
Coraline Focus Features Feb-09 $75.28 Animation PG
Corky Romano Buena Vista Oct-01 $24.00 Comedy $0.00
Corporation, The Zeitgeist Jun-04 $1.88 Docu NR
Corrina, Corrina New Line Aug-94 $20.15 Comedy PG
Country Strong Screen Gems Dec-10 $20.22 Drama PG13
Courageous TriStar Sep-11 $34.52 Drama PG13
Cousin Bette Fox Searchlight Jun-98 $1.17 Comedy R
Cove, The Roadside Attractions Jul-09 $0.87 Docu PG13
Cowboy Way Universal Jun-94 $19.73 Action PG13
Cowboys & Aliens Universal Jul-11 $100.24 Action PG13
Coyote Ugly Buena Vista Aug-00 $60.79 Comedy PG13
Cradle 2 The Grave Warner Feb-03 $34.61 Action R
Crank Lionsgate Sep-06 $27.83 Action R
Crash Lionsgate May-05 $54.58 Drama R
Crazies, The (Remake) Overture Feb-10 $39.12 Horror R
Crazy / Beautiful Buena Vista Jun-01 $16.90 Drama $0.00
Crazy Heart Fox Searchlight Dec-09 $39.50 Drama R
Crimen del Padre Amaro, El IDP Nov-02 $5.71 Drama R
Crocodile Dundee Paramount Sep-86 $174.80 Comedy PG13
Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles Paramount Apr-01 $25.60 Comedy $0.00
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course MGM Jul-02 $28.40 Action $0.00
Crooklyn Universal May-94 $13.02 Comedy PG13
Crossing Guard, The Miramax Nov-95 $0.87 Drama R
Crossroads Paramount Feb-02 $37.19 Comedy PG13
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sony PC Dec-00 $128.08 Drama PG13
Croupier Shooting Gallery Apr-00 $6.20 Crime NR
Crow : City of Angels, The Miramax Aug-96 $17.90 Sequel R
Crow, The Dimension May-94 $50.64 Action R
Crucible Fox Nov-96 $7.30 Drama PG13
Crude Oasis, The Miramax Jul-95 $0.00 Drama R
Cruel Intentions Columbia Mar-99 $38.33 Drama R
Crumb SPC Apr-95 $3.15 Documentary R
Crush SPC Apr-02 $1.08 Drama R
Cry Wolf Focus Features Sep-05 $10.05 Horror PG13
Cry, The Beloved Country Miramax Dec-95 $0.00 Drama PG13
Crying Game, The Miramax Nov-92 $62.00 Drama R
Cube Trimark Aug-98 $0.49 Horror R
Cujo Warner Aug-83 $21.16 Horror R
Curdled Buena Vista Sep-96 $0.05 Comedy R
Cure, The Universal Apr-95 $2.51 Drama PG13
Cyrus Fox Searchlight Jun-10 $7.46 Comedy R
D2: The Mighty Ducks Buena Vista Mar-94 $45.60 Family PG
D3: The Mighty Ducks Buena Vista Oct-96 $22.90 Sequel PG
Daddy Day Care Columbia May-03 $104.00 Comedy $0.00
Dallas Buyers Club Focus Features Nov-13 $27.30 Biography R
Damage New Line Dec-92 $7.53 Drama R
Dance Me Outside Cineplex Mar-95 $0.07 0000000 NR
Dance With Me Sony Aug-98 $15.88 Drama PG
Dancemaker Artistic License Mar-99 $0.24 Docu NR
Dancer, Texas TriStar May-98 $0.00 Comedy PG
Dances With Wolves Orion Nov-90 $184.21 Drama PG13
Dancing at Lughnasa Sony PC Nov-98 $2.27 Drama PG
Dangerous Beauty Warner Feb-98 $4.55 Drama R
Dangerous Ground New Line Feb-97 $5.10 Suspense R
Dangerous Minds Buena Vista Aug-95 $84.84 Drama R
Daredevil Fox Feb-03 $102.54 Action PG13
Darjeeling Limited, The Fox Searchlight Sep-07 $11.90 Adventure R
Dark Blue MGM Feb-03 $9.25 Action R
Dark City New Line Feb-98 $14.38 Suspense R
Dark Half Orion Apr-93 $10.61 Horror R
Dark Knight, The Warner Jul-08 $533.35 Action PG13
Dark Skies Dimension Feb-13 $17.42 horror PG13
Dark Water Buena Vista Jul-05 $25.47 Drama PG13
Darkest Hour Summit Dec-11 $21.44 Action PG13
Darkman Universal Aug-90 $33.88 Action R
Darkness Falls Columbia Jan-03 $4.94 Horror PG13
Date Movie Fox Feb-06 $48.55 Comedy PG13
Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Focus Features Mar-06 $11.72 Comedy R
Dawn Of The Dead Universal Mar-04 $58.91 Action R
Day After Tomorrow, The Fox May-04 $186.73 Drama PG13
Day Without A Mexican, A Televisa Cine May-04 $4.18 Comedy R
Daylight Universal Dec-96 $33.02 Action PG13
Daytrippers, The CFP Mar-97 $2.10 Drama R
Dazed and Confused Gramercy Sep-93 $7.99 Comedy R
Dead Man Miramax May-96 $0.00 Westerm R
Dead Man On Campus Paramount Aug-98 $15.06 Comedy R
Dead Man Walking Gramercy Dec-95 $39.39 Drama R
Dead Poets Society Buena Vista Jun-89 $95.86 Drama PG
Dead Presidents Buena Vista Oct-95 $24.15 Action R
Deadpool Fox Feb-16 $363.07 Action R
Dear Frankie Miramax Mar-05 $1.34 Drama PG13
Dear God Paramount Nov-96 $7.09 Comedy PG
Dear John Screen Gems Feb-10 $80.01 Drama PG13
Death And The Maiden Fine Line Dec-94 $3.10 Drama R
Death Sentence Fox Aug-07 $9.53 Action R
Debt, The Focus Features Aug-11 $31.18 Drama R
Debut, The Menemsha Ent. Mar-01 $1.74 Comedy R
Deconstructing Harry Fine Line Dec-97 $10.68 Comedy R
Deep End, The Fox Searchlight Aug-01 $8.82 Drama R
Deep Rising Buena Vista Jan-98 $11.20 Action R
Defiance Paramount Dec-08 $28.64 Action R
Definitely, Maybe Universal Feb-08 $32.24 Comedy PG13
Deja Vu Rainbow Apr-98 $1.09 Romance PG13
Deliver Us From Eva Focus Features Feb-03 $17.37 Comedy R
Delivery Man Buena Vista Nov-13 $30.60 Comedy PG-13
De-Lovely MGM Jul-04 $13.30 Drama $0.00
Delta Farce Lionsgate May-07 $8.07 Action PG13
Delta, The Strand Aug-97 $0.11 Drama R
Delusion IRS Media Jun-91 $0.18 Thriller R
Departed, The Warner Oct-06 $132.37 Drama R
Derailed Weinstein Nov-05 $36.02 Drama R
Descendants Fox Searchlight Nov-11 $82.62 Comedy R
Descent, The Lionsgate Aug-06 $26.01 Adventure R
Desperado Sony Aug-95 $25.41 Action R
Despicable Me Universal Jul-10 $247.60 Animation PG
Destiny Turns On The Radio Savoy Apr-95 $1.17 Comedy R
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Columbia Aug-05 $22.28 Comedy R
Devil Universal Sep-10 $33.68 Horror PG13
Devil In A Blue Dress Sony Sep-95 $16.03 Drama R
Devil Inside, The InSurge Pictures Jan-12 $53.26 Horror R
Devil Wears Prada, The Fox Jun-06 $124.74 Comedy PG13
Devil’s Advocate Warner Oct-97 $60.94 Drama R
Devil’s Rejects, The Lionsgate Jul-05 $17.04 Action R
Diabolique Warner Mar-96 $17.10 Suspense R
Diary of a Mad Black Woman Lionsgate Feb-05 $50.60 Comedy PG13
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Paramount Sep-03 $22.74 Comedy PG13
Die Another Day MGM Nov-02 $160.00 Action $0.00
Die Hard With A Vengeance Fox May-95 $100.01 Action R
Different For Girls First Look Sep-97 $0.30 Comedy R
Dig! Palm Pictures Oct-04 $0.13 Docu R
Dirty Silver Nitrate Jan-06 $0.27 Drama R
Dirty Dancing Vestron Aug-87 $62.69 Romance PG13
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Lionsgate Feb-04 $14.15 Drama PG13
Dirty Pretty Things Miramax Jul-03 $8.11 Crime R
Dirty Work MGM Jun-98 $10.02 Comedy PG13
Disney’s Teacher’s Pet Buena Vista Jan-04 $6.49 Animation PG
District 9 TriStar Aug-09 $115.65 Action R
Disturbia Paramount Apr-07 $80.05 Mystery PG13
Disturbing Behavior MGM Jul-98 $17.49 Thriller R
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, The Warner Jun-02 $69.60 Drama PG13
Diving Bell and The Butterfly Miramax Nov-07 $6.00 Biography PG13
Do the Right Thing Universal Jun-89 $27.55 Drama R
Dodgeball:  A True Underdog Story Fox Jun-04 $114.33 Comedy PG13
Dogma LionsGate Nov-99 $30.65 Comedy R
Dogtown and Z-Boys SPC Apr-02 $1.30 Docu PG13
Dolores Claiborne Sony Mar-95 $24.36 Drama R
Domestic Disturbance Paramount Nov-01 $45.21 Crime PG13
Domino New Line Oct-05 $10.17 Action R
Don Jon Relativity Sep-13 $24.48 Comedy R
Don Juan De Marco New Line Apr-95 $24.26 Comedy PG13
Don’t be a Menace to South Central… Miramax Jan-96 $19.67 Comedy R
Donnie Brasco Sony Mar-97 $41.82 Drama R
Donnie Darko Newmarket Oct-01 $1.27 Drama R
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Miramax Aug-11 $24.05 Fantasy R
Don’t Come Knocking SPC Mar-06 $0.44 Drama R
Don’t Say a Word Fox Sep-01 $55.00 Thriller $0.00
Doogal Weinstein Feb-06 $7.58 Animation G
Doom Generation, The Trimark Oct-95 $0.28 Drama R
Double Dragon Gramercy Nov-94 $2.34 Action PG13
Double Happiness Fine Line Jul-95 $0.56 Comedy R
Double Take Buena Vista Jan-01 $29.80 Comedy $0.00
Doubt Miramax Dec-08 $33.45 Drama PG-13
Doug’s 1st Movie Buena Vista Mar-99 $19.44 Animation G
Down in the Delta Miramax Dec-98 $5.67 Drama PG13
Down Periscope Fox Mar-96 $25.72 Comedy PG13
Down To Earth Paramount Feb-01 $64.20 Comedy $0.00
Down to You Miramax Jan-00 $20.04 Comedy PG13
Dr. Dolittle 2 Fox Jun-01 $113.00 Comedy $0.00
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Savoy Aug-95 $2.76 Comedy PG13
Dracula : Dead and Loving It Sony Dec-95 $10.66 Comedy PG13
Dragnet Universal Jun-87 $57.40 Comedy PG13
Dragon Slayer Paramount Jun-81 $14.11 Action PG
Dragonheart Universal May-96 $51.37 Action PG13
Dream Lover Gramercy May-94 $0.26 Drama R
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story DreamWorks Oct-05 $33.02 Drama PG
Dreamgirls Paramount Dec-06 $103.38 Drama PG-13
Dreaming of Joseph Lees Fox Searchlight Oct-99 $0.01 Drama R
Dredd 3D Lionsgate Sep-12 $13.41 Action R
Drive FilmDistrict Sep-11 $35.06 Crime R
Drive Me Crazy Fox Oct-99 $17.85 Comedy PG13
Driving Miss Daisy Warner Dec-89 $106.59 Comedy PG
Drop Dead Georgeous New Line Jul-99 $10.57 Comedy PG13
Drop Zone Paramount Dec-94 $28.61 Action R
Drumline Fox 2000 Dec-02 $56.40 Comedy PG13
Dude, Where’s My Car? Fox Dec-00 $46.73 Comedy PG13
Due Date Warner Nov-10 $100.45 Comedy R
Duff, The Lionsgate Feb-15 $34.09 Comedy PG-13
Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd New Line Jun-03 $26.10 Comedy PG13
Dumb And Dumber New Line Dec-94 $127.18 Comedy PG13
Dunston Checks In Fox Jan-96 $9.87 Comedy PG
Duplicity Universal Mar-09 $40.56 Romance PG13
Dust to Glory IFC Apr-05 $0.64 Action PG
Dylan Dog Dead Of Night Freestyle Apr-11 $1.18 Comedy PG13
Dysfunktional Family Miramax Apr-03 $2.24 Comedy R
Eagle, The Focus Features Feb-11 $19.48 Adventure PG13
earth DisneyNature Apr-09 $32.00 Docu G
East is East Miramax Apr-00 $4.18 Comedy R
East, The Fox Searchlight May-13 $2.27 Drama PG13
Eastern Promises Focus Features Sep-07 $17.11 Crime R
Easy A Screen Gems Sep-10 $58.40 Comedy PG13
Eat Pray Love Columbia Aug-10 $80.57 Drama PG13
Ed Universal Mar-96 $3.96 Comedy PG
Ed Gein First Look May-01 $0.01 Drama R
Ed Wood Buena Vista Sep-94 $5.83 Drama R
Eddie Buena Vista May-96 $31.37 Comedy PG13
Eden Legacy Rel. Mar-98 $0.00 Drama R
Edge of Darkness Warner Jan-10 $43.31 Crime R
Edge of Seventeen Strand Apr-99 $0.87 Comedy NR
Edge, The Fox Sep-97 $27.72 Action R
Education, An SPC Oct-09 $12.57 Drama PG13
Edward Scissorhands Fox Dec-90 $54.16 Comedy PG13
Eight Below Buena Vista Feb-06 $81.61 Drama PG
Eight Days A Week Legacy Rel. Feb-99 $0.12 Comedy R
El Mariachi Sony Feb-93 $2.04 Action R
Election Paramount Apr-99 $14.90 Drama R
Elektra Fox Jan-05 $24.47 Action PG13
Elephant Fine Line Oct-03 $1.23 Drama R
Elf New Line Nov-03 $173.40 Comedy $0.00
Elite Squad IFC Sep-08 $0.01 Action R
Elizabeth Gramercy Nov-98 $30.01 Drama R
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Universal Oct-07 $16.26 Drama PG13
Elizabethtown Paramount Oct-05 $26.85 Comedy PG13
Ella Enchanted Miramax Apr-04 $22.91 Comedy PG
Elvis Gratton 2 LionsGate Jul-99 $0.00 Comedy NR
Emma Miramax Aug-96 $22.20 Comedy PG
Emperor’s Club, The Universal Nov-02 $14.10 Drama $0.00
Empire Universal Dec-02 $17.53 Drama R
Employee of TheMonth Lionsgate Oct-06 $28.44 Comedy PG13
Encounter In The Third Dimension N Wave Pictures Feb-99 $6.89 Docu NR
End of Days Universal Nov-99 $66.89 Drama R
End Of The Spear Rocky Mountain Jan-06 $11.97 Drama PG13
End Of Violence, The MGM Sep-97 $0.39 Drama R
End of Watch Open Road Sep-12 $41.00 Crime R
Enemy of the State Buena Vista Nov-98 $111.55 Drama R
English Patient Miramax Nov-96 $78.72 Romance R
Englishman Who Went Up a Hill… Miramax May-95 $10.90 Comedy PG
Enough Columbia May-02 $39.20 Thriller $0.00
Enough Said Fox Searchlight Sep-13 $17.55 Comedy PG-13
Enron:  The Smartest Guys in The Room Magnolia Apr-05 $4.07 Docu NR
Entrapment Fox Apr-99 $87.70 Action PG13
Equalizer, The Sony/Columbia Sep-14 $101.53 Action R
Eragon Fox 12/15/2006 $75.03 Action PG
Erin Brockovich Universal Mar-00 $125.59 Drama R
Erotique Gramercy Jan-95 $1.11 Drama R
Escape From Planet Earth Weinstein Feb-13 $57.01 Animation PG
Escape Under Pressure HBO/New City Rel. Mar-00 $0.00 Action R
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Focus Features Mar-04 $34.13 Drama R
Europa, Europa Orion Classics Jun-91 $5.62 Drama R
Eurotrip DreamWorks Feb-04 $17.75 Comedy R
Evan Almighty Universal Jun-07 $100.46 Comedy PG
Evening Focus Features Jun-07 $12.49 Drama PG13
Evening Star Paramount Dec-96 $12.75 Sequel PG13
Ever After Fox Jul-98 $65.64 Drama PG13
Everest Miramax Mar-98 $76.45 Docu NR
Everybody Wants to Be Italian Roadside Attractions Sep-08 $0.35 Comedy R
Everyone Says I Love You Miramax Dec-96 $9.60 Drama R
Everything is Illuminated Warner Sep-05 $1.71 Drama PG13
Everything Must Go Lionsgate Apr-10 $2.70 Comedy R
Eve’s Bayou Trimark Nov-97 $14.84 Comedy R
Evil Dead TriStar Apr-13 $54.24 Horror R
Evolution DreamWorks Jun-01 $38.35 SciFi PG13
Excess Baggage Sony Aug-97 $14.35 Comedy PG13
Executive Decision Warner Mar-96 $56.47 Action R
Exit Through the Gift Shop PDA Apr-10 $3.37 Docu R
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Sony Sep-05 $75.07 Crime PG13
Exotica Miramax Mar-95 $4.22 Drama R
Expendables, The Lionsgate Aug-10 $102.98 Action R
Extract Miramax Sep-09 $10.80 Comedy R
Extreme IMAX Jun-00 $10.20 Docu NR
Eye For An Eye Paramount Jan-96 $26.79 Drama R
Eye, The Lionsgate Feb-08 $31.40 Drama PG13
Facing the Giants Samuel Goldwyn Sep-06 $10.18 Drama PG
Factory Girl Weinstein Dec-06 $1.68 Biography R
Factotum Picturehouse Aug-06 $0.81 Comedy R
Faculty, The Dimension Dec-98 $40.09 Comedy R
Fade To Black Paramount Nov-04 $0.73 Docu R
Fahrenheit 9/11 Lionsgate Jun-04 $119.11 Docu R
Failure to Launch Paramount Mar-06 $88.66 Comedy PG13
Fair Game Summit Nov-10 $9.53 Biography PG13
Fair Game (1995) Warner Nov-95 $11.18 Action R
Fairy Tale: A True Story Paramount Oct-97 $14.02 Drama PG
Faithful New Line Mar-96 $2.10 Comedy R
Family Man Universal Dec-00 $75.79 Comedy R
Family Stone, The Fox Dec-05 $60.06 Comedy PG13
Family Thing, A MGM Mar-96 $9.99 Drama PG13
Family Tree Independent Artists Apr-00 $0.02 Drama G
Family, The Relativity Sep-13 $36.92 Comedy R
Fantastic Four Fox Jul-05 $154.69 Action PG13
Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer(PG) Fox Jun-07 $131.92 Action PG
Far and Away Universal May-92 $58.88 Adventure PG13
Far From Heaven Focus Features Nov-02 $15.85 Drama PG13
Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog Fox Jan-95 $11.38 Family PG
Fargo Gramercy Mar-96
Drama R
Fast and the Furious, The Universal Jun-01 $144.53 Action PG13
Fast Food Nation Fox Searchlight Nov-06 $1.01 Drama R
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control Sony Oct-97 $0.88 Docu PG
Faster Buena Vista Nov-10 $23.24 Action R
Fat Albert Fox Dec-04 $48.12 Comedy PG
Fatal Attraction Paramount Sep-87 $153.98 Drama R
Father Of The Bride 2 Buena Vista Dec-95 $76.59 Sequel PG
Fault In Our Stars, The Fox Jun-14 $124.87 Drama PG-13
Favor, The Orion Apr-94 $3.10 Comedy R
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Universal May-98 $10.56 Comedy R
Fear of a Black Hat Goldwyn Jun-94 $0.23 Comedy R
Feast Of July Buena Vista Oct-95 $0.29 Drama R
Federal Hill Trimark Dec-94 $0.51 Drama R
Feeling Minnesota Fine Line Sep-96 $3.08 Drama R
Felicia’s Journey Artisan Nov-99 $0.00 Thriller PG13
Female Perversions October Apr-97 $0.00 Drama R
Femme Fatale Warner Nov-02 $6.61 Thriller R
Femme Nikita, La Goldwyn Mar-91 $5.02 Action R
Festival Express ThinkFilm Jul-04 $1.17 Docu R
Fever Pitch Fox Apr-05 $42.07 Comedy PG13
Few Good Men, A Columbia Dec-92 $141.34 Drama R
Fido Lionsgate Jun-07 $0.30 Comedy R
Field of Dreams Universal Apr-89 $62.20 Drama PG
Fierce Creatures Universal Jan-97 $9.22 Comedy PG13
Fierce People Lionsgate Sep-07 $0.02 Drama R
Fifty Warren Miller Oct-99 $3.33 Docu NR
Fight Club Fox Oct-99 $37.03 Drama R
Fighter, The Paramount Dec-10 $93.62 Biography R
Fighting (2009) Universal Apr-09 $23.04 Action PG13
Fighting Temptations, The Paramount Sep-03 $30.25 Comedy PG13
Final Cut Lionsgate Oct-04 $0.55 SciFi PG13
Final Destination New Line Mar-00 $53.33 Horror R
Final Destination 2 New Line Jan-03 $46.49 Horror R
Final Destination 3 New Line Feb-06 $54.10 Drama R
Final Destination, The Warner Aug-09 $66.47 Horror R
Finding Bliss Phase 4 Films Jun-10 $0.01 Comedy R
Finding Nemo Buena Vista May-03 $339.71 Animation G
Finding Neverland Miramax Nov-04 $51.68 Drama PG
Finest Hour Columbia Oct-91 #DIV/0! Drama R
Firelight Buena Vista Sep-98 $0.79 Romance R
Fireproof Samuel Goldwyn Sep-08 $33.46 Drama PG
Firestorm Fox Jan-98 $8.05 Action R
Firewall Warner Feb-06 $48.75 Crime PG13
First Kid Buena Vista Aug-96 $26.47 Comedy PG
First Sunday Screen Gems Jan-08 $37.93 Comedy PG13
First Wives Club, The Paramount Sep-96 $105.49 Comedy PG
Five Wives, Three Secretaries Me Castle Hill Oct-99 $0.00 Comedy NR
Five-Year Engagement, The Universal Apr-12 $28.70 Comedy R
Flags of Our Fathers Paramount Oct-06 $33.60 Drama R
Fled MGM Jul-96 $17.08 Action R
Flicka Fox Oct-06 $21.00 Adventure PG
Flight of the Intruder Paramount Jan-91 $12.33 Action PG13
Flipper Universal May-96 $20.08 Family PG
Flirting With Disaster Miramax Mar-96 $14.85 Comedy R
Fluke MGM Jun-95 $3.79 Family PG
Fly Away Home Columbia Sep-96 $24.14 Family PG
Fly Me to the Moon Summit Aug-08 $13.80 Animation G
Flyboys MGM Sep-06 $13.09 Action PG13
Fog of War, The SPC Dec-03 $4.20 Docu PG13
Fog, The Sony Oct-05 $29.55 Action PG13
Following Zeitgeist Apr-99 $0.05 Crime R
Food, Inc. Magnolia Jun-09 $4.42 Docu PG
Foolish Artisan Apr-99 $6.03 Comedy R
Fool’s Gold Warner Feb-08 $70.22 Adventure PG13
Fools Rush In Columbia Feb-97 $29.48 Comedy PG13
For a Good Time Call… Focus Features Aug-12 $1.24 Comedy R
For Colored Girls Lionsgate Nov-10 $38.00 Drama R
For Da Love of Money Urbanworld Apr-02 $0.03 Comedy R
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada Arc Entertainment Jun-12 $5.67 Drama R
For Richer or Poorer Universal Dec-97 $31.64 Comedy PG13
For The Bible Tells Me So First Run Oct-07 $0.31 Docu NR
Forbidden Kingdom, The Lionsgate Apr-08 $52.08 Action PG13
Forget Paris Columbia May-95 $33.19 Comedy PG13
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Universal Apr-08 $62.88 Comedy R
Forgotten, The Sony Sep-04 $66.64 Drama PG13
Forsaken Miramax Apr-98 $0.72 Docu PG13
Forsaken, The Sony Apr-01 $7.29 Horror R
Fountain, The Warner Nov-06 $10.14 Drama PG-13
Four Brothers Paramount Aug-05 $74.49 Action R
Four Feathers Paramount Sep-02 $18.31 Adventure R
Four Rooms Miramax Dec-95 $4.26 Comedy R
Four Weddings And A Funeral Gramercy Mar-94 $52.72 Comedy R
Fourth Kind, The Universal Nov-09 $25.49 Mystery PG13
Frailty Lionsgate Apr-02 $13.11 Drama R
Frank & Ollie Buena Vista Oct-95 $0.03 Docu PG
Freaky Friday Buena Vista Aug-03 $110.23 Comedy PG
Freddy Got Fingered Fox Apr-01 $14.20 Comedy $0.00
Freddy vs. Jason New Line Aug-03 $82.20 Horror $0.00
Free Birds Relativity Nov-13 $55.75 Animation PG
Free Willy 2 Warner Jul-95 $30.08 Family PG
Free Willy 3: The Rescue Warner Aug-97 $3.49 Sequel PG
Freeway Roxie Aug-96 $0.30 Drama R
Frequency New Line Apr-00 $45.01 SciFi PG13
Fresh Miramax Aug-94 $8.09 Comedy R
Friday New Line Apr-95 $27.47 Comedy R
Friday After Next New Line Nov-02 $33.00 Comedy R
Friday Night Lights Universal Oct-04 $61.24 Drama PG13
Fried Green Tomatoes Universal Dec-91 $82.42 Drama PG13
Friends With Benefits Screen Gems Jul-11 $55.80 Comedy R
Friends with Money SPC Apr-06 $13.37 Drama R
Fright Night Buena Vista Aug-11 $18.30 Comedy R
Frighteners, The Universal Jul-96 $16.55 Horror R
From Dusk Till Dawn Miramax Jan-96 $25.75 Horror R
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter Buena Vista Jan-00 $0.00 Horror R
From Justin to Kelly Fox Jun-03 $4.93 Comedy PG
From Paris with Love Lionsgate Feb-10 $24.08 Action R
From Prada to Nada Lionsgate Jan-11 $3.04 Comedy PG13
Frost/Nixon Universal Dec-08 $18.62 Drama R
Frozen Anchor Bay Feb-10 $0.25 Drama R
Frozen River SPC Aug-08 $2.51 Drama R
Fruitvale Station Weinstein Jul-13 $16.10 Biography R
Full Frontal Miramax Aug-02 $2.51 Comedy R
Full Monty, The Fox Searchlight Aug-97 $45.95 Comedy R
Funeral, The October Nov-96 $1.14 Drama R
Funny Bones Buena Vista Mar-95 $0.53 Comedy R
‘G’ Aloha Releasing Sep-05 $3.02 Drama R
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Paramount Aug-09 $150.17 Action PG13
Gabriela Powerpoint Mar-01 $2.34 Romance R
Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage IMAX Oct-99 $18.05 Docu NR
Gallows, The Warner Jul-15 $22.76 Adventure R
Game Plan Buena Vista Sep-07 $90.64 Comedy PG
Gamer Lionsgate Sep-09 $20.49 Action R
Gang Related Orion Oct-97 $5.91 Drama R
Gangs of New York Miramax Dec-02 $77.81 Drama R
Gangster Squad Warner Jan-13 $43.12 Action R
Garden State Fox Searchlight Jul-04 $26.78 Comedy R
Garfield Fox Jun-04 $75.40 Animation PG
Gattaca Sony Oct-97 $12.35 SciFi PG13
General, The Sony PC Dec-98 $1.21 Drama R
General’s Daughter Paramount Jun-99 $86.20 Crime R
Genghis Blues Roxie Jul-99 $0.32 Docu NR
Gentlemen Broncos Fox Searchlight Oct-09 $0.11 Comedy PG13
George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead Third Rail Releasing Feb-08 $0.96 Horror R
George Washington Cowboy Booking Oct-00 $0.25 Drama NR
Georgia Rule Universal May-07 $18.88 comedy R
Geronimo:  An American Legend Columbia Dec-93 $18.38 Drama PG13
Get Bruce Miramax Sep-99 $0.04 Docu R
Get Him to the Greek Universal Jun-10 $60.97 Comedy R
Get Low Sony Jul-10 $9.18 Drama PG13
Get on the Bus Sony Oct-96 $5.75 Drama R
Get On Up Universal Aug-14 $30.70 Biography PG-13
Get Out Universal Feb-17 $175.43 horror R
Get Over It
Dimension Mar-01 $11.56 Comedy PG13
Get Real Alliance/Paramount Classics Apr-99 $1.15 Drama R
Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Paramount Nov-05 $30.99 Action R
Get Shorty MGM Oct-95 $71.99 Comedy R
Getaway, The Universal Feb-94 $15.55 Action R
Getting Away With Murder Savoy Apr-96 $0.00 Drama R
Getting Even With Dad MGM Jun-94 $18.20 Comedy PG
Gettysburg New Line Oct-93 $9.13 Drama PG
G-Force Buena Vista Jul-09 $119.42 Action PG
Ghost Paramount Jul-90 $217.63 Comedy PG13
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Artisan Mar-00 $3.31 Drama R
Ghost Rider Columbia Feb-07 $115.82 Action PG13
Ghost Town Paramount Sep-08 $13.21 Comedy PG13
Ghost World MGM Jul-01 $6.22 Comedy R
Ghost Writer Summit Feb-10 $15.54 Mystery PG13
Ghosts of Mississippi Columbia Dec-96 $13.01 Drama PG13
Gift,  The Paramount Dec-00 $12.01 Drama R
Gigli Sony Aug-03 $6.09 Comedy R
Gingerbread Man, The Polygram Jan-98 $1.55 Suspense R
Girl 6 Fox Searchlight Mar-96 $4.88 Comedy R
Girl Next Door,  The (2000) Indican Apr-00 $0.51 Docu R
Girl Next Door, The (2004) Fox Apr-04 $14.59 Comedy R
Girl With a Pearl Earring Lionsgate Dec-03 $11.63 Drama PG13
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Music Box Mar-10 $12.47 Crime R
Girl, Interrupted Columbia Dec-99 $28.87 Biography R
Girl, The Artistic License Apr-01 $0.10 Romance R
Girlfight Columbia Sep-00 $1.57 Drama R
Gladiator Dreamworks May-00 $187.67 Action R
Glass House, The Columbia Sep-01 $18.00 Thriller $0.00
Glass Shield, The Miramax Jun-95 $3.29 Drama PG13
Glengarry Glen Ross New Line Oct-92 $10.73 Drama R
Glory TriStar Dec-89 $26.59 Drama R
Glory Road Buena Vista Jan-06 $42.65 Drama PG
Gnomeo & Juliet Buena Vista Feb-11 $99.29 Animation G
Go Columbia Apr-99 $16.94 Comedy R
Go Fish Goldwyn Jun-94 $2.41 Romance R
Goal! The Dream Begins Buena Vista May-06 $4.28 Drama PG13
God Said “Ha” Miramax Feb-99 $0.06 Comedy PG13
Gods and Monsters LionsGate Nov-98 $6.41 Drama R
God’s Army Zion Films Mar-00 $2.64 Drama PG
Gods Must Be Crazy II, The Columbia Apr-90 $6.29 Comedy PG
Gods Must Be Crazy, The Fox Jul-84 $51.20 Comedy PG
God’s Not Dead Freestyle Mar-14 $60.76 Drama PG
Godsend Lionsgate Apr-04 $14.34 Drama PG13
Godzilla Sony May-98 $136.31 Action PG13
Gold Diggers Universal Nov-95 $5.69 Adventure PG
Golden Compass, The New Line Dec-07 $70.08 Adventure PG13
Golden Door (AKA Nuovomundo) Miramax May-07 $1.06 Drama PG13
Golden Gate Goldwyn Jan-94 $0.00 Drama R
Gone Lionsgate Feb-12 $11.68 Drama PG-13
Gone Baby Gone Miramax Oct-07 $20.30 Crime R
Gone Fishin’ Buena Vista May-97 $19.75 Comedy PG
Good Boy! MGM Oct-03 $37.67 Comedy PG
Good Burger Paramount Jul-97 $23.69 Comedy PG
Good Deeds Lionsgate Feb-12 $35.03 Comedy PG13
Good Girl, The Fox Searchlight Aug-02 $14.02 Comedy R
Good Night and Good Luck Warner Oct-05 $31.56 Drama PG
Good Shepherd, The Universal Dec-06 $59.90 Drama R
Good Will Hunting Miramax Dec-97 $138.41 Drama R
Good Woman Lionsgate Feb-06 $0.22 Drama PG
Goodbye Solo Roadside Attractions Mar-09 $0.87 Drama NR
Goodfellas Warner Sep-90 $42.60 Biography R
Goonies Warner Jun-85 $61.39 Adventure PG
Gordy Miramax May-95 $3.94 Comedy G
Gosford Park USA Films Dec-01 $41.30 Drama R
Gospel of John, The ThinkFilm Sep-03 $4.07 Drama PG13
Gospel, The Screen Gems Oct-05 $15.78 Drama PG
Gothika Warner Nov-03 $59.60 Horror R
Governess, The Sony PC Jul-98 $3.72 Drama R
Grace of my Heart Gramercy Sep-96 $0.66 Comedy R
Gracie Picturehouse Jun-07 $2.96 Drama PG13
Gran Torino Warner Dec-08 $148.09 Drama R
Grand Budapest Hotel, The Fox Searchlight Mar-14 $59.30 Adventure R
Grandma Sony  Classic Aug-15 $6.98 Comedy R
Grandma’s Boy Fox Jan-06 $6.09 Comedy R
Grass Unapix Films May-00 $0.31 Docu R
Grass Harp, The Fine Line Oct-96 $0.56 Comedy PG
Gravesend Manga Sep-97 $0.06 Drama R
Graveyard Shift Paramount Oct-90 $11.58 Horror R
Gray’s Anatomy Northern Arts Mar-97 $0.02 Comedy NR
Great Debaters, The Weinstein Dec-07 $30.23 Drama PG13
Great Expectations Fox Jan-98 $26.33 Drama R
Great Raid Miramax Aug-05 $10.17 Action R
Great White Hype, The Fox May-96 $7.85 Comedy R
Greatest Game Ever Played, The Buena Vista Sep-05 $15.34 Drama PG
Greedy Universal Mar-94 $12.43 Comedy PG13
Green Hornet Columbia Jan-11 $98.78 Action PG13
Green Lantern Warner Jun-11 $116.60 Action PG13
Green Mile Warner Dec-99 $136.80 Drama R
Green Zone Universal Mar-10 $15.54 Action R
Greenberg Focus Features Mar-10 $4.23 Comedy R
Gremlins 2:  The New Batch Warner Jun-90 $40.49 Comedy PG13
Grey Zone Lionsgate Oct-02 $0.52 Drama R
Grey, The Open Road Jan-12 $51.58 Action R
Gridiron Gang Sony Sep-06 $38.43 Crime PG13
Gridlock’d Gramercy Jan-97 $5.57 Drama R
Grief Strand Mar-94 $0.00 Comedy R
Grifters, The Miramax Dec-90 $13.45 Drama R
Grind Warner Aug-03 $5.12 Comedy PG13
Grizzly Falls Providence Nov-99 $0.17 Adventure PG
Grizzly Man Lionsgate Aug-05 $3.18 Docu R
Groove Sony PC Jun-00 $1.12 Drama R
Grosse Pointe Blank Buena Vista Apr-97 $28.03 Comedy R
Grown Ups Sony Jun-10 $162.00 Comedy PG13
Grudge, The Sony Oct-04 $110.18 Horror PG13
Grumpier Old Men Warner Dec-95 $71.52 Sequel PG13
Guard, The SPC Jul-11 $5.36 Comedy R
Guarding Tess Sony Mar-94 $27.02 Drama PG13
Guess Who Columbia Mar-05 $68.95 Comedy PG13
Guilty By Suspicion Warner Mar-91 $9.23 Drama PG13
Gummo Fine Line Oct-97 $0.12 Drama NC17
Gunmen Dimension Feb-94 $3.43 Action R
Guru, The Universal Jan-03 $3.10 Comedy R
Guy Thing, A MGM Jan-03 $15.55 Comedy PG13
Hackers MGM Sep-95 $7.49 Thriller PG13
Hacksaw Ridge Lionsgate Nov-16 $67.21 Biography R
Half Baked Universal Jan-98 $17.46 Comedy R
Half Nelson ThinkFilm Aug-06 $2.70 Drama R
Halloween Weinstein Aug-07 $58.27 Horror R
Halloween 2 Weinstein Aug-09 $33.39 Horror R
Halloween 6: Curse of Michael Myers Miramax Sep-95 $15.12 Sequel R
Halloween: H2O Miramax Aug-98 $55.02 Horror R
Halloween: Resurrection Dimension Jul-02 $30.30 Horror $0.00
Hamlet Sony Dec-96 $4.71 Drama PG13
Hamlet (2000) Miramax May-00 $1.57 Drama R
Hamlet 2 Focus Features Aug-08 $4.88 Comedy R
Hammer, The Ace Carolla Ent./Weinstein Mar-08 $0.44 Comedy R
Hancock Columbia Jul-08 $227.95 Action PG13
Hangover Part II Warner May-11 $254.46 Comedy R
Hangover, The Warner Jun-09 $277.31 Comedy R
Hannibal MGM Feb-01 $165.00 Thriller $0.00
Hansel & Gretel:  Witch Hunters Paramount Jan-13 $55.70 Action R
Happy Endings Lionsgate Jul-05 $1.31 Comedy R
Happy Gilmore Universal Feb-96 $38.82 Comedy PG13
Happy, Texas Miramax Oct-99 $0.00 Comedy PG13
Hard Candy Lionsgate Apr-06 $1.02 Drama R
Hard Eight (Hard 8) Goldwyn Feb-97 $0.22 Drama R
Hardball Paramount Sep-01 $40.22 Drama PG13
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay Warner Apr-08 $38.09 Comedy R
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle (Harold &) New Line Jul-04 $18.25 Comedy R
Harriet the Spy Paramount Jul-96 $26.54 Adventure PG
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Warner Nov-02 $261.99 Adventure PG
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Warner Nov-10 $295.98 Fantasy PG-13
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II Warner Jul-11 $381.01 Fantasy PG-13
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Warner Nov-05 $290.00 Fantasy PG-13
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Warner Jul-09 $301.96 Adventure PG
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Warner Jul-07 $292.00 Fantasy PG-13
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Warner Jun-04 $249.54 Adventure PG
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Warner Nov-01 $318.00 Adventure PG
Hart’s War MGM Feb-02 $19.08 Drama R
Hatchet Anchor Bay Sep-07 $0.18 Comedy R
Haunted Mansion Buena Vista Nov-03 $75.80 Family $0.00
Haunting in Connecticut, The Lionsgate Mar-09 $55.40 Horror PG13
Haunting of Molly Hartley Freestyle Oct-08 $13.40 Drama PG13
Hav Plenty Miramax Jun-98 $2.28 Comedy R
Haywire Relativity Jan-12 $18.94 Action R
He Got Game Buena Vista May-98 $21.57 Drama R
Head of State DreamWorks Mar-03 $37.80 Comedy $0.00
Head On (Gegen die Wand) Strand Jan-05 $0.44 Drama R
Heartbreaker Focus Features Sep-10 $0.50 Comedy PG
Heartbreakers MGM Mar-01 $40.30 Comedy $0.00
Heaven & Earth Warner Dec-93 $5.86 Action R
Heaven is for Real TriStar Apr-14 $91.44 Drama PG
Heaven’s Prisoners New Line May-96 $4.80 Drama R
Heavyweights Buena Vista Feb-95 $17.67 Comedy PG
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Fine Line Jul-01 $3.07 Comedy R
Heist Warner Nov-01 $23.48 Action R
Hellboy Columbia Apr-04 $59.60 Action PG13
Hellboy II The Golden Army Universal Jul-08 $75.98 Action PG13
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II Goldwyn Oct-87 $2.68 0000000 PG13
Hellraiser New World Sep-87 $14.04 Horror R
Hellraiser II: Hellbound New World Dec-88 $11.95 Fantasy R
Hellraiser III:  Hell on earth Miramax Sep-92 $12.53 Fantasy R
Hellraiser IV: Bloodline Dimension Mar-96 $9.34 Fantasy R
Hellraiser V:  Inferno Buena Vista Oct-00 #DIV/0! Crime R
Help, The Buena Vista Aug-11 $169.71 Drama PG13
Henry & June Universal Oct-90 $11.00 Biography NC17
Henry Fool Sony PC Jun-98 $1.34 Comedy R
Her Warner Dec-13 $25.56 Drama R
Hercules Buena Vista Jun-97 $99.11 Animation G
Here On Earth Fox Mar-00 $10.17 Drama PG13
Hero Miramax Aug-04 $53.71 Action PG13
Hey Arnold! the Movie Paramount Jun-02 $13.70 Animation PG
Hidalgo Buena Vista Mar-04 $67.29 Action PG13
Hide & Seek Fox Jan-05 $51.10 Horror R
Hide and Seek Fox Jan-05 $51.10 Drama R
Hideaway Sony Mar-95 $12.11 Horror R
High Art October Jun-98 $1.96 Drama R
High Crimes Fox Apr-02 $41.54 Crime PG13
High Fidelity Buena Vista Mar-00 $27.28 Comedy R
High Tension Lionsgate Jun-05 $3.68 Horror R
Higher Learning Sony Jan-95 $38.29 Drama R
Highlander 3: Final Dimension Dimension Jan-95 $0.00 Sequel PG13
Hilary & Jackie October Dec-98 $4.87 Drama R
Hills Have Eyes 2 Fox Atomic Mar-07 $20.80 Horror R
Hills Have Eyes, The Fox Searchlight Mar-06 $41.78 Horror R
History of Violence, A New Line Sep-05 $31.49 Action R
Hitcher, The Rogue Pictures Jan-07 $16.37 Crime R
Hitman Fox Nov-07 $39.69 Action R
Agent 47
Fox Aug-15 $22.47 Action R
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Warner Dec-12 $303.00 Fantasy PG-13
Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Warner Dec-14 $255.12 Fantasy PG-13
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Warner Dec-13 $258.36 Fantasy PG-13
Hoffa Fox Dec-92 $24.30 Biography R
Holes Buena Vista Apr-03 $67.36 Adventure PG
Hollow Reed, The CFP Apr-97 $0.00 Drama R
Hollywoodland Focus Features Sep-06 $14.42 Biography R
Holy Matrimony Buena Vista Apr-94 $0.71 Comedy PG13
Holy Smoke Miramax Dec-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Home Alone Fox Nov-90 $281.56 Comedy PG
Home Alone 3 Fox Dec-97 $30.64 Sequel PG
Home for the Holidays Paramount Nov-95 $17.52 Comedy PG13
Home Fries Warner Nov-98 $10.50 Comedy PG13
Home of the Brave MGM Dec-06 $0.05 Action R
Homegrown Sony Apr-98 $0.32 Comedy R
Homeward Bound 2 Buena Vista Mar-96 $32.74 Sequel G
Honey Universal Dec-03 $30.24 Drama PG13
Honeymooners, The Paramount Jun-05 $12.84 Comedy PG
Hoodlum MGM Aug-97 $23.47 Drama R
Hoodwinked Weinstein Jan-06 $51.22 Comedy PG
Hoop Dreams Fine Line Oct-94 $7.83 Docu PG13
Hoosiers Orion Nov-86 $28.61 Drama PG
Hoot New Line May-06 $8.12 Comedy PG
Hope Floats Fox May-98 $60.11 Drama PG13
Hope Springs (2012) SPC Aug-12 $63.54 Comedy PG13
Hostage Miramax Mar-05 $34.64 Action R
Hostel Lionsgate Jan-06 $47.33 Horror R
Hostel Part II Lionsgate Jun-07 $17.54 Horror R
Hot Chick Buena Vista Dec-02 $35.00 Comedy $0.00
Hot Fuzz Focus Features Apr-07 $23.62 Action R
Hot Tub Time Machine MGM Mar-10 $50.21 Adventure R
Hotel de Love Live Feb-97 $0.00 Drama R
Hotel Rwanda MGM Dec-04 $23.53 Drama R
Hours, The Paramount Dec-02 $41.60 Drama PG13
House Arrest MGM Aug-96 $6.91 Comedy PG
House at the End of the Street Relativity Sep-12 $31.60 Horror PG13
House of 1000 Corpses Lionsgate Apr-03 $12.60 Horror R
House of D Lionsgate Apr-05 $0.37 Comedy PG13
House of Flying Daggers SPC Dec-04 $11.05 Action PG13
House of Sand and Fog DreamWorks Dec-03 $13.02 Drama R
House of the Dead Artisan Oct-03 $10.21 Drama R
House of the Spirits, The Miramax Apr-94 $6.22 Drama R
House of Yes, The Miramax Oct-97 $0.63 Comedy R
House Party 3 New Line Jan-94 $19.19 Comedy R
Houseguest Buena Vista Jan-95 $26.33 Comedy PG
How High Universal Dec-01 $31.18 Comedy R
How Stella Got Her Groove Back Fox Aug-98 $37.67 Romance R
How To Be A Player (Def Jam’s) Gramercy Aug-97 $14.09 Comedy R
How to Deal New Line Jul-03 $14.14 Comedy PG13
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Paramount Feb-03 $106.09 Comedy PG13
How To Train Your Dragon Paramount Mar-10 $217.39 Animation PG
Hudsucker Proxy, The Warner Mar-94 $2.82 Comedy PG
Hulk Universal Jun-03 $132.17 Action PG13
Human Stain Miramax Oct-03 $5.38 Drama R
Hundred-Foot Journey, The Buena Vista Aug-14 $54.23 Comedy PG
Hunger Games, The Lionsgate 3/23/2012 $408.00 Action PG13
Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lionsgate Nov-13 $424.67 Adventure PG13
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Lionsgate Nov-14 $337.14 Action PG-13
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Lionsgate Nov-15 $281.45 Action PG-13
Hunt For Red October Paramount Mar-90 $120.71 Action PG13
Hurricane Streets MGM Feb-98 $0.38 Drama R
Hurricane, The Universal Dec-99 $50.67 Drama R
Hurt Locker, The Summit Jun-09 $16.40 Drama R
Husbands and Wives TriStar Sep-92 $10.56 Comedy R
Hustle & Flow Paramount Jul-05 $22.20 Drama R
Hustler White Strand Sep-96 $0.28 Comedy R
I Am Number Four Buena Vista Feb-11 $55.09 Action PG13
I am Sam New Line Dec-01 $40.30 Drama $0.00
I Got The Hook-Up Miramax May-98 $10.32 Comedy R
I Heart Huckabees Fox Searchlight Oct-04 $12.79 Comedy R
I Know Who Killed Me Summit Jul-07 $7.39 Crime R
I Like It Like That Sony Oct-94 $1.76 Drama R
I Love Trouble Buena Vista Jun-94 $30.69 Comedy PG
I Love You, Beth Cooper Fox Searchlight Jul-09 $14.80 Comedy PG13
I Served the King of England SPC Aug-08 $0.62 Comedy R
I Shot Andy Warhol Orion May-96 $1.88 Drama R
I Spy Columbia Nov-02 $33.11 Action PG13
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Sony Nov-98 $40.00 Horror R
I Think I Love My Wife Fox Searchlight Mar-07 $12.55 Comedy R
I, Robot Fox Jul-04 $144.80 SciFi PG13
I.Q. Paramount Dec-94 $26.37 Comedy PG
Ice Age Fox Mar-02 $176.39 Animation PG
Ice Age Dawn Fox Jul-09 $196.57 Animation PG
Ice Age Meltdown Fox Mar-06 $195.33 Animation PG
Ice Harvest, The Focus Features Nov-06 $9.02 Comedy R
Ice Princess Buena Vista Mar-05 $24.40 Comedy G
Ice Storm, The Fox Searchlight Sep-97 $7.86 Drama R
Identity Columbia Apr-03 $52.13 Horror R
Identity Thief Universal Feb-13 $134.50 Comedy R
Idlewild Universal Aug-06 $12.67 Crime R
If I Stay Warner Aug-14 $50.47 Drama PG-13
If Lucy Fell Sony Mar-96 $0.00 Comedy R
Igby Goes Down MGM Sep-02 $4.78 Comedy R
Il Postino Miramax Jun-95 $21.85 Drama PG
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Buena Vista Nov-98 $12.20 Comedy PG
Illuminata Artisan Aug-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Illusionist Yari Film Group Aug-06 $39.83 Drama PG13
I’m in Love with a Church Girl High Top Releasing Oct-13 $0.11 Drama PG
I’m Not Rappaport Gramercy Dec-96 $0.30 Comedy PG13
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The SPC Dec-09 $7.69 Adventure PG13
Imaginary Crimes Warner Oct-94 $0.00 Drama PG
Imagine Me and You Fox Searchlight Jan-06 $0.67 Comedy R
Imitation Game Weinstein Nov-14 $91.19 Biography PG13
Immortal Beloved Sony Dec-94 $9.91 Drama R
Impostors, The Fox Searchlight Oct-98 $2.20 Comedy R
In & Out Paramount Sep-97 $63.84 Comedy PG13
In America Fox Searchlight Nov-03 $15.54 Drama PG13
In Bruges Focus Features Feb-08 $7.76 Crime R
In God’s Hands Sony Apr-98 $1.55 Drama PG13
In Her Shoes Fox Oct-05 $32.88 Comedy PG13
In Love and War New Line Dec-96 $14.48 Drama PG13
In The Army Now Buena Vista Aug-94 $28.88 Comedy PG
In The Bedroom Miramax Nov-01 $35.94 Drama R
In The Bleak Midwinter Sony PC Feb-96 $0.00 Comedy R
In The Company Of Men Sony PC Aug-97 $2.88 Comedy R
In the Heat of the Night MGM Jan-67 $24.38 Drama NR
In the Land of Blood and Honey FilmDistrict Dec-07 $0.30 Drama R
In the Loop IFC Jul-09 $2.39 Comedy NR
In The Mix Lionsgate Nov-05 $10.22 Comedy PG13
In the Mood for Love USA Films Feb-01 $2.73 Drama PG
In The Mouth Of Madness New Line Feb-95 $8.92 Horror R
In the Valley of Elah Warner Sep-07 $6.78 Crime R
In Too Deep Dimension Aug-99 $14.00 Crime R
Inception Warner Jun-09 $291.45 Action PG13
Inconvenient Truth, An Paramount May-06 $24.15 Docu PG
Incredible Hulk, The Universal Jun-08 $134.80 Action PG13
Incredibles, The Buena Vista Nov-04 $261.44 Animation PG
Independence Day Fox Jul-96 $306.17 Action PG13
Indian in the Cupboard Paramount Jul-95 $35.63 Family PG
Indian in the Cupboard, The Paramount Jul-95 $35.57 0000000 PG
Indiana Jones/Last Crusade Paramount May-89 $197.17 Action PG13
Indiana Jones/Temple of Doom Paramount May-84 #DIV/0! Action 0000000
Inglourious Basterds Weinstein Aug-09 $120.83 Adventure R
Inherent Vice Warner Dec-14 $8.11 Comedy R
Inkwell, The Buena Vista Apr-94 $8.86 Comedy R
Inland Empire 518 Media Dec-06 $0.86 Drama R
In-Laws Warner May-03 $20.45 Comedy PG13
Innocence IDP Aug-01 $2.20 Drama R
Inside Deep Throat Universal Feb-05 $0.69 Docu NC17
Inside Job SPC Oct-10 $4.32 Docu PG13
Inside Man Universal Mar-06 $88.63 Crime R
Insider, The Buena Vista Nov-99 $28.97 Drama R
Insidious FilmDistrict Apr-11 $54.01 Horror PG13
Insomnia Warner May-02 $67.30 Crime R
Insomnia (2002) Warner May-02 $67.36 Drama R
Instructions Not Included Lionsgate Aug-13 $44.47 Comedy PG-13
Internal Affairs Paramount Jan-90 $27.77 Crime R
Internship, The Fox Jun-13 $44.67 Comedy PG13
Interpreter, The Universal Apr-05 $72.52 Drama PG13
Intersection Paramount Jan-94 $20.64 Drama R
Into the Blue Sony Sep-05 $18.80 Action PG13
Into the Wild Paramount Sep-07 $18.35 Adventure R
Intolerable Cruelty Universal Oct-03 $37.80 Comedy PG13
Inventing The Abbotts Fox Apr-97 $5.86 Drama R
Invention of Lying Warner Oct-09 $18.44 Comedy PG13
Invincible Buena Vista Aug-06 $57.81 Drama PG
Iris Miramax Dec-01 $5.59 Drama R
Iron Giant Warner Aug-99 $23.16 Animation PG
Iron Lady, The Weinstein Dec-11 $29.96 Biography PG13
Iron Man Paramount May-08 $318.40 Action PG13
Iron Man 2 Paramount May-10 $312.43 Action PG13
Iron Man 3 Buena Vista May-13 $409.01 Action PG13
Iron Monkey Dimension Oct-01 $14.69 Action PG13
Iron Will Buena Vista Jan-94 $20.62 Family R
Irreversible Lionsgate Mar-03 $0.75 Crime NR
Island of the Sharks IMAX Jan-99 $10.70 Docu NR
It Could Happen To You Sony Jul-94 $37.78 Comedy PG
It Follows Radius-TWC Mar-15 $14.67 Fantasy R
It Might Get Loud Sony Aug-09 $1.61 Docu PG
It Runs in the Family MGM Apr-03 $7.49 Drama PG13
It Takes Two Warner Nov-95 $19.47 Comedy PG
Italian Job Paramount May-03 $106.13 Action PG13
It’s Kind of a Funny Story Focus Features Oct-10 $6.35 Comedy PG13
Jack Reacher Paramount Dec-12 $80.07 Action PG-13
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Paramount Oct-16 $58.68 Action PG-13
Jackass 3D United International Pictures (UIP) Oct-10 $117.23 Comedy R
Jackass Number Two Paramount Sep-06 $72.78 Comedy R
Jackass: The Movie Paramount Oct-02 $64.28 Comedy R
Jacket, The Warner Independent Mar-05 $6.30 Drama R
Jackie Brown Miramax Dec-97 $39.67 Drama R
Jackie Chan’s First Strike New Line Jan-97 $14.53 Action PG13
James and the Giant Peach Buena Vista Apr-96 $28.90 Animation PG
Jane Eyre Focus Features Mar-11 $11.24 Drama PG13
Jane Eyre 1996 Miramax Apr-96 $5.20 Drama PG
Japanese Story Goldwyn Dec-03 $0.65 Drama R
Jarhead Universal Nov-05 $62.65 Biography R
Jason X New Line Apr-02 $12.60 Horror R
Jason’s Lyric Gramercy Sep-94 $20.85 Drama R
Jaws Universal Jun-75 $260.00 Thriller PG13
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Miramax Aug-01 $30.10 Comedy $0.00
Jeepers Creepers MGM Aug-01 $37.90 Drama R
Jeepers Creepers 2 MGM Aug-03 $35.21 Horror R
Jefferson In Paris Buena Vista Mar-95 $2.46 Drama PG13
Jeffrey Orion Aug-95 $3.35 Comedy R
Jennifer’s Body Fox Sep-09 $16.20 Comedy R
Jerky Boys, The Buena Vista Feb-95 $7.47 Comedy R
Jerry Springer; Ringmaster Artisan Nov-98 $9.26 Comedy R
Jersey Girl Miramax Mar-04 $25.27 Comedy PG-13
Jesus’ Son LionsGate Jun-00 $1.30 Drama R
Jimmy Hollywood Paramount Mar-94 $3.67 Comedy R
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Paramount Dec-01 $80.94 Comedy G
Joe Dirt Columbia Apr-01 $27.10 Comedy $0.00
Joe The King Trimark Oct-99 $0.06 Drama R
Joe’s Apartment Warner Jul-96 $4.62 Comedy PG13
John Q New Line Feb-02 $71.00 Drama $0.00
John Tucker Must Die Fox Jul-06 $40.92 Comedy PG13
John Wick Lionsgate/Summit Oct-14 $43.04 Action R
Johnny English Reborn Universal Oct-11 $8.31 Action PG
Johnny Suede Miramax Aug-92 $0.04 Romance R
Johnson Family Vacation Fox Apr-04 $31.20 Comedy PG13
Jonah Hex Warner Jun-10 $10.54 Action PG13
Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie Artisan Oct-02 $25.58 Animation G
Joshua Fox Searchlight Jul-07 $0.48 Drama R
Josie And The Pussycats Universal Apr-01 $14.25 Comedy PG13
Journey to the Center of the Earth Warner Jul-08 $101.70 Action PG
Joy Luck Club Buena Vista Sep-93 $32.90 Drama R
Joy Ride Fox Oct-01 $21.97 Action R
Joyful Noise Warner Jan-12 $30.93 Comedy PG-13
Jude Gramercy Oct-96 $0.41 Drama R
Judge Dredd Buena Vista Jun-95 $34.65 0000000 PG13
Judge, The Warner Oct-14 $47.12 Crime R
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer Relativity Jun-11 $15.01 Comedy PG
Julie & Julia SPC Aug-09 $94.24 Comedy PG13
Jumanji Sony Dec-95 $100.20 Adventure PG
Jumping the Broom Columbia May-11 $37.30 Comedy PG13
Junebug SPC Aug-05 $2.68 Comedy R
Jungle 2 Jungle Buena Vista Mar-97 $59.93 Comedy PG
Jungle Book Buena Vista Dec-94 $44.34 Adventure PG
Jungle Book 2, The Buena Vista Feb-03 $47.90 Animation G
Junior Universal Nov-94 $36.76 Comedy PG13
Juno Fox Searchlight Dec-07 $143.49 Comedy PG13
Jurassic Park Universal Jun-93 $357.07 Adventure PG13
Jurassic World Universal Oct-15 $652.20 Action PG13
Juror, The Columbia Feb-96 $22.73 Suspense R
Jury Duty TriStar Apr-95 $16.94 Comedy PG13
Just a Kiss Paramount Sep-02 $0.06 Comedy R
Just Cause Warner Feb-95 $36.85 Suspense R
Just Friends New Line Nov-05 $32.62 Comedy PG13
Just Married Fox Jan-03 $56.13 Comedy PG13
Just My Luck Fox May-06 $17.32 Comedy PG13
Just Wright Fox Searchlight May-10 $21.52 Comedy PG
Juwanna Mann Warner Jun-02 $13.58 Comedy PG13
K-19:  the Widowmaker Paramount Jul-02 $35.17 Drama PG13
Kansas City Fine Line Aug-96 $1.31 Drama R
Karate Kid Sony Jun-10 $176.59 Action PG
Karate Kid, The Columbia Jun-84 $90.82 Family PG
Kate & Leopold Miramax Dec-01 $47.12 Comedy PG13
Kazaam Buena Vista Jul-96 $18.88 Comedy PG
Kentucky Fried Movie United Film Distribution Aug-77 $15.00 Comedy R
Kick-Ass Lionsgate Apr-10 $48.07 Action R
Kicked in the Head October Sep-97 $0.12 Comedy R
Kid In King Arthur’s Court, A Buena Vista Aug-95 $13.41 Family PG
Kid Stays in Picture, The Focus Features Jul-02 $1.44 Docu R
Kids Shining Excalibur Jul-95 $7.41 Drama R
Kids Are All Right, The Focus Features Jul-10 $20.80 Comedy R
Kids/Hall-Brain Candy Paramount Apr-96 $2.64 Comedy R
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 Miramax Oct-03 $70.10 Action R
Kill Bill:  Vol. 2 Miramax Apr-04 $66.21 Crime R
Kill by Inches Phaedra Oct-01 $0.00 Horror NR
Kill Your Darlings SPC Oct-13 $1.03 Biography R
Killer: A Journal of Murder Legacy Rel. Sep-96 $0.08 Drama R
Killing Them Softly Weinstein Nov-12 $14.95 Crime R
Killing Zoe October Aug-94 $0.42 Comedy PG
King Kong Universal Dec-05 $218.08 Action PG13
King of the Hill Gramercy Aug-93 $1.21 Drama PG13
Kingdom Come Fox Searchlight Apr-01 $23.25 Comedy PG
Kingdom of Heaven Fox May-05 $47.40 Action R
Kingdom, The Universal Sep-07 $47.46 Action R
Kingpin MGM Jul-96 $24.96 Comedy PG13
King’s Ransom New Line Apr-05 $4.01 Comedy PG13
King’s Speech, The Weinstein Nov-10 $138.54 Biography R
Kingsman: The Secret Service Fox Feb-15 $128.26 Action R
Kiss Me, Guido Paramount Jul-97 $1.92 Comedy R
Kiss Of Death Fox Apr-95 $14.94 Drama R
Kiss of the Dragon Fox Jul-01 $36.80 Action $0.00
Kiss or Kill October Nov-97 $0.80 Crime R
Kiss The Girls Paramount Oct-97 $60.50 Suspense R
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang Warner Oct-05 $4.24 Comedy R
Kissed Goldwyn Apr-97 $0.33 Romance R
Kissing A Fool Universal Feb-98 $4.06 Comedy R
Kit Kittredge:  An American Girl Mystery Picturehouse Jun-08 $17.66 Drama G
Kite Runner Paramount Dec-07 $15.80 Drama PG13
Knight’s Tale, A Columbia May-01 $56.08 Action PG13
Knock Off TriStar Sep-98 $10.32 Action R
Knockaround Guys New Line Oct-02 $11.60 Action $0.00
Knocked Up Universal Jun-07 $148.73 Comedy R
Knowing Summit Mar-09 $79.95 Drama PG13
K-Pax Universal Oct-01 $50.20 SciFi PG13
Krippendorf’s Tribe Buena Vista Feb-98 $7.53 Comedy PG13
Kull The Conqueror Universal Aug-97 $6.07 Action PG13
Kundun Buena Vista Dec-97 $5.65 Drama PG13
Kung Fu Hustle SPC Apr-05 $17.11 Comedy R
Kung Fu Panda Paramount Jun-08 $215.43 Animation PG
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist Fox Jan-02 $16.04 Comedy PG13
L.A. Confidential Warner Sep-97 $64.62 Drama R
L.I.E. Lot 47 Sep-01 $1.14 Drama NR
Ladder 49 Buena Vista Oct-04 $74.54 Drama PG13
Lady Chatterley KINO Jun-07 $0.69 Drama R
Ladybird, Ladybird Goldwyn Dec-94 $0.14 Drama R
Ladykillers, The Buena Vista Mar-04 $39.70 Comedy $0.00
Lake House, The Warner Jun-06 $52.32 Drama PG
Lake of Fire ThinkFilm Oct-07 $0.03 Docu NR
Land Girls Gramercy Jun-98 $0.00 Drama R
Land of the Dead Universal Jun-05 $20.70 Action R
Lantana Lionsgate Dec-01 $4.49 Drama R
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Paramount Jun-01 $131.17 Action PG13
Larger Than Life MGM Nov-96 $8.30 Comedy PG
Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector Lionsgate Mar-06 $15.68 Comedy PG13
Lassie Paramount Jul-94 $9.94 Drama PG
Last  Mimzy New Line Mar-07 $21.46 Adventure PG
Last Cigarette, The New Yorker Jun-99 $0.01 Docu NR
Last Dance Buena Vista May-96 $5.75 Drama R
Last Days Picturehouse Jul-05 $0.45 Biography R
Last Days of Disco, The Gramercy May-98 $3.02 Comedy R
Last Days,  The October Feb-99 $0.00 Docu PG13
Last Emperor Columbia Nov-87 $43.02 Drama PG13
Last Exorcism, The Lionsgate Aug-10 $41.03 Horror PG13
Last King of Scotland Fox Searchlight Sep-06 $17.58 Drama R
Last Legion, The Weinstein Aug-07 $5.93 Action PG13
Last of the Mohicans Fox Sep-92 $75.51 Adventure R
Last Samurai, The Warner Dec-03 $111.13 Action R
Last Seduction, The October Oct-94 $5.84 Thriller R
Last September,  The Trimark Apr-00 $0.48 Drama R
Last Sin Eater, the Bigger Picture, The Feb-07 $0.38 Drama PG13
Last Song, The Buena Vista Mar-10 $62.95 drama PG
Last Stand Lionsgate Jan-13 $12.05 Action R
Latter Days TLA Releasing Jul-03 $0.82 Comedy $0.00
L’Auberge Espagnole Fox Searchlight May-03 $3.90 Comedy R
Laurel Canyon SPC Mar-03 $3.70 Drama R
Law Abiding Citizen Overture Oct-09 $73.34 Crime R
Lawless Weinstein Aug-12 $37.40 Crime R
Lawnmower Man New Line Mar-92 $31.82 Thriller R
Lawnmower Man 2 New Line Jan-96 $2.40 Sequel PG13
Layer Cake SPC May-05 $2.34 Crime R
Lazarus Effect, The Relativity Feb-15 $18.76 Horror PG13
League of Extraordinary Gentleman, The Fox Jul-03 $66.46 Action PG13
Leauge of Their Own, A Sony/Columbia Jul-92 $107.40 Comedy PG
Leave It To Beaver Universal Aug-97 $10.93 Comedy PG
Leaving Las Vegas MGM Oct-95 $31.98 Romance R
Lee Daniels’ The Butler Weinstein Aug-13 $117.00 Biography PG13
Left Luggage Castle Hill Sep-00 $1.07 Drama NR
Legally Blonde MGM Jul-01 $95.00 Comedy $0.00
Legend of Drunken Master, The Dimension Oct-00 $11.56 Comedy R
Legends Of The Fall Columbia Dec-94 $66.50 Drama R
Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events Paramount Dec-04 $118.63 Adventure PG
Leprechaun 2 Trimark Apr-94 $2.26 Horror PG13
Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles Zeitgeist Apr-99 $0.01 Docu NR
Let It Snow Artistic License Jun-01 $0.02 Comedy R
Let Me In Overture Oct-10 $12.13 Drama R
Let the Right One In Magnet Oct-08 $2.12 Drama R
Let’s Talk About Sex Fine Line Sep-98 $0.42 Romance R
Letters from Iwo Jima Warner Dec-06 $13.75 Drama R
Letters to God Vivendi Apr-10 $2.85 Drama PG
Liam Lionsgate Sep-01 $1.02 Drama R
Liar, Liar Universal Mar-97 $181.40 Comedy PG13
Lie Down With Dogs Miramax Jun-95 $0.00 Comedy R
Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, The Cowboy Booking Jan-00 $1.71 Docu PG
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Buena Vista Dec-04 $24.01 Adventure R
Life As A House New Line Oct-01 $15.70 Drama R
Life As We Know It Warner Oct-10 $53.36 Comedy R
Life is Beautiful Miramax Oct-98 $57.25 Comedy PG13
Life Itself Magnolia Jul-14 $0.66 Docu R
Life Less Ordinary, A Fox Oct-97 $4.27 Comedy R
Life of David Gale Universal Feb-03 $19.59 Drama R
Like Mike Fox Jul-02 $51.40 Family $0.00
Like Water for Chocolate Miramax Feb-93 $21.67 Drama R
Lilo and Stitch Buena Vista Jun-02 $146.00 Animation $0.00
Limey, The Artisan Oct-99 $3.20 Drama R
Limitless Relativity Mar-11 $79.25 Sci-Fi PG13
Lincoln DreamWorks Nov-12 $182.21 Biography PG13
Lincoln Lawyer Lionsgate Mar-11 $58.01 Drama R
Lions for Lambs MGM Nov-07 $15.00 Drama R
Little Ashes Regent May-09 $0.48 Biography R
Little Big League Columbia Jun-94 $12.27 Comedy PG
Little Black Book Columbia Aug-04 $20.40 Comedy $0.00
Little Buddha Miramax May-94 $4.79 Drama PG
Little Children New Line Oct-06 $5.46 Drama R
Little Giants Warner Oct-94 $19.31 Comedy PG
Little Indian, Big City Buena Vista Mar-96 $1.03 Comedy PG
Little Miss Sunshine Fox Searchlight Jul-06 $59.45 Comedy R
Little Odessa New Line May-95 $0.00 Drama R
Little Princess, A Warner May-95 $10.02 Drama G
Little Rascals, The Universal Aug-94 $51.76 Comedy PG
Little Vampire New Line Oct-00 $13.57 Comedy PG
Little Voice Miramax Dec-98 $4.60 Comedy R
Little Women Columbia Dec-94 $50.08 Drama PG
Lives of Others (Leben Der Anderen) Sony Feb-07 $11.28 Drama R
Living in Oblivion Sony PC Jul-95 $1.11 Comedy R
Living Out Loud New Line Oct-98 $12.70 Drama R
Living Sea, The IMAX Dec-95 $64.80 Docu G
Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Buena Vista May-03 $42.72 Comedy PG
Loaded Miramax Apr-96 $0.04 Drama R
Local Hero Warner Feb-83 $5.90 Comedy PG
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Gramercy Mar-99 $3.75 Comedy R
Locusts, The Orion Oct-97 $0.04 Drama R
London Has Fallen Focus Features Mar-16 $62.52 Action R
Lone Star Sony PC Jun-96 $12.41 Drama R
Lone Survivor Universal Dec-13 $125.10 Action R
Lonesome Jim IFC Jun-06 $0.15 Comedy R
Looking for an Echo Regent Nov-00 $0.01 Drama R
Lookout, The Miramax Mar-07 $4.59 Crime R
Lord Of Illusions MGM Aug-95 $13.25 Horror R
Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King New Line Dec-03 $377.02 Action PG13
Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers New Line Dec-02 $340.48 Action PG13
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring New Line Dec-01 $314.78 Action PG13
Lords of Dogtown TriStar Jun-05 $11.03 Action PG13
Losers, The Warner Apr-10 $23.59 Action PG13
Losing Isaiah Paramount Mar-95 $7.56 Drama R
Loss Of Sexual Innocence, The Sony PC May-99 $0.40 Drama R
Lost Highway October Feb-97 $3.81 Suspense R
Lost in La Mancha IFC Jan-03 $0.72 Docu R
Lost In Translation Focus Features Sep-03 $44.59 Comedy R
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Universal May-97 $229.09 Action PG13
Lot Like Love, A Buena Vista Apr-05 $21.84 Comedy PG13
Love & Basketball New Line Apr-00 $27.46 Drama PG13
Love Actually Universal Nov-03 $59.70 Comedy R
Love Affair Warner Oct-94 $18.27 Drama PG13
Love And Human Remains Sony PC Jun-95 $0.54 Comedy R
Love And Other Catastrophes Fox Searchlight Mar-97 $0.00 Comedy R
Love Don’t Cost A Thing Warner Dec-03 $21.91 Comedy PG13
Love in the Time of Money ThinkFilm Nov-02 $0.01 Comedy R
Love Is All There Is Goldwyn Oct-96 $0.00 Comedy R
Love Is The Devil Strand Oct-98 $0.34 Drama NR
Love Jones New Line Mar-97 $12.48 Drama R
Love Serenade Miramax Aug-97 $0.60 Comedy R
Love! Valour! Compassion! New Line May-97 $2.86 Comedy R
Lovely & Amazing Lionsgate Jun-02 $4.21 Comedy R
Low Down Dirty Shame, A Buena Vista Nov-94 $29.32 Comedy R
Lucky Number Slevin Weinstein Apr-06 $22.49 Crime R
Lucky Ones, The Lionsgate Sep-08 $0.32 Comedy R
Lust, Caution Focus Features Sep-07 $4.60 Drama NC17
Luther RS Ent. Sep-03 $5.70 Drama $0.00
Machine Gun Preacher Relativity Sep-11 $0.54 Action R
Machinist, The Paramount Oct-04 $1.08 Mystery R
Mad Dog Time MGM Nov-96 $0.06 Comedy R
Mad Hot Ballroom Paramount May-05 $8.05 Docu PG
Mad Love Buena Vista May-95 $15.45 Drama PG13
Madagascar DreamWorks May-05 $193.20 Animation PG
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Paramount Jun-12 $216.39 Animation PG
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Paramount Nov-08 $179.98 Animation PG
Madea’s Big Happy Family Lionsgate Apr-11 $53.35 Comedy PG13
Madea’s Family Reunion Lionsgate Feb-06 $63.30 Comedy PG13
Madea’s Witness Protection Lionsgate Jun-12 $65.65 Comedy PG13
Madeline TriStar Jul-98 $29.97 Adventure PG
Madness Of King George, The Goldwyn Dec-94 $15.12 Drama PG13
Madonna: Turth or Dare Miramax May-91 $15.01 Docu R
Magdalene Sisters, The Miramax Aug-03 $4.90 Drama $0.00
Magic in the Water Norstar Sep-95 $2.54 Drama R
Maid in Manhattan Columbia Dec-02 $93.80 Comedy $0.00
Major League Paramount Apr-89 $49.80 Comedy R
Major League II: Back To The Minors Warner Mar-94 $30.63 Comedy PG
Major Payne Universal Mar-95 $29.41 Comedy PG13
Malcolm X Warner Nov-92 $48.20 Biography PG13
Malibu’s Most Wanted Warner Apr-03 $34.31 Comedy PG13
Mama Universal Jan-13 $71.63 Horror PG13
Mambo Italiano Goldwyn Sep-03 $6.24 Comedy R
Man in the Iron Mask MGM Mar-98 $56.97 Action PG13
Man of the House Sony Feb-05 $19.70 Comedy PG13
Man Of The House (1995) Columbia Mar-95 $40.07 Comedy PG
Man on Fire Fox Apr-04 $77.91 Action R
Man on Wire Magnolia Jul-08 $2.96 Docu PG13
Man Who Knew Too Little, The Warner Nov-97 $13.80 Comedy PG
Man, The New Line Sep-05 $8.33 Comedy PG13
Manchurian Candidate, The (2004) Paramount Jul-04 $65.90 Thriller $0.00
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Weinstein Nov-13 $8.32 Biography PG-13
Mangler, The New Line Mar-95 $0.00 Horror R
Manna From Heaven RS Ent. Aug-02 $0.42 Comedy PG
Manny & Lo Sony PC Jul-96 $0.50 Drama R
Mansfield Park Miramax Nov-99 $0.00 Drama PG13
Mao’s Last Dancer Samuel Goldwyn Nov-09 $4.81 Drama $0.00
Map of the World, A First Look Dec-99 $0.54 Drama R
Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember First Look Aug-99 $0.01 Docu NR
March of the Penguins aka Emperor’s Journey, The Warner Jun-05 $77.44 Docu G
Marci X Paramount Aug-03 $1.65 Comedy R
Margaret Fox Searchlight Sep-11 $0.05 Drama R
Margarita Happy Hour Passport Pictures Mar-02 $0.01 Drama NR
Margin Call Roadside Attractions Oct-11 $5.35 Drama R
Maria Full of Grace Fine Line Jul-04 $6.53 Drama R
Mars Attacks! Warner 12/13/1996 $37.77 Comedy PG13
Martha Marcy May Marlene Fox Searchlight Oct-11 $2.99 Drama R
Martian Child, The New Line Nov-07 $7.49 Drama PG
Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat Paramount Aug-02 $19.18 Comedy R
Marvel’s The Avengers Buena Vista May-12 $623.28 Action PG13
Marvin’s Room Miramax Dec-96 $12.79 Drama PG13
Mary Reilly TriStar Feb-96 $5.59 Drama R
Mask, The New Line Jul-94 $119.92 Action PG13
Master of Disguise Columbia Aug-02 $40.40 Comedy $0.00
Masterminds Sony Aug-97 $1.90 Action PG13
Matador, The Weinstein Dec-05 $12.59 Comedy R
Match Point DreamWorks Dec-05 $23.15 Drama R
Matchmaker, The Gramercy Oct-97 $3.39 Comedy R
Matchstick Men Warner Sep-03 $36.89 Comedy PG13
Matilda Columbia Aug-96 $33.10 Family PG
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human Independent Artists Oct-99 $0.01 Drama R
Matrix Warner Apr-99 $171.41 Action R
Maverick Warner May-94 $101.63 Comedy PG
Max Keeble’s Big Move Buena Vista Oct-01 $17.30 Comedy $0.00
Maximum Risk Columbia Sep-96 $14.10 Action R
May Lionsgate Feb-03 $0.15 Horror R
Mayor of The Sunset Strip IDP Mar-04 $0.25 Docu R
Maze Andora Pictures Nov-01 $0.03 Romance R
McHale’s Navy Universal Apr-97 $4.38 Comedy PG
Me and You and Everyone We Know IFC Jun-05 $3.89 Comedy R
Mean Creek Paramount Aug-04 $0.60 Adventure R
Mean Girls Paramount Apr-04 $86.06 Comedy PG13
Mean Machine Paramount Feb-02 $0.09 Comedy R
Mechanic, The CBS Films Jan-11 $29.11 Action R
Medallion, The Sony Aug-03 $22.27 Comedy PG13
Meet The Deedles Buena Vista Mar-98 $4.33 Comedy PG
Meet The Parents Universal Oct-00 $166.24 Comedy PG13
Meeting People is Easy Seventh Art Mar-99 $0.05 Docu NR
Melinda and Melinda Fox Searchlight Mar-05 $3.83 Comedy PG13
Memento Newmarket Mar-01 $25.53 Drama R
Memoirs of a Geisha Sony Dec-05 $57.01 Drama PG13
Memphis Belle Warner Oct-90 $23.24 Action PG13
Men In Black Columbia Jul-97 $250.15 Adventure PG13
Men In Black 2 Columbia Jul-02 $190.42 Action PG13
Men of Honor Fox Nov-00 $48.82 0000000 0000000
Men Who Stare at Goats Overture Nov-09 $32.43 Comedy R
Men With Brooms Alliance Atlantis/Artisan Entertainment Sep-02 $4.24 Comedy R
Men With Guns Sony PC Mar-98 $0.91 Drama R
Menace II Society New Line May-93 $27.73 Drama R
Mercury Rising Universal Apr-98 $32.94 Action R
Mercy Streets Providence Oct-00 $0.17 Drama PG13
Messenger, The Oscilloscope Pictures Nov-09 $1.11 Drama R
Messenger: the Story of Joan of Arc Columbia Nov-99 $14.27 0000000 R
Messengers, The Screen Gems Feb-07 $35.37 Drama PG13
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster IFC Jul-04 $1.23 Docu NR
Metroland LionsGate Apr-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Mexican, The DreamWorks Mar-01 $66.80 Action $0.00
Miami Rhapsody Buena Vista Jan-95 $5.09 Comedy PG13
MIB 3 (Men In Black 3) Columbia May-12 $179.02 Action PG13
Michael New Line Dec-96 $95.35 Comedy PG
Michael Clayton Warner Oct-07 $49.03 Crime R
Michael Collins Warner Oct-96 $11.06 Drama R
Michael Jordan to the Max Giant Screen Sports May-00 $18.64 Docu NR
Mickey Slugger Films Apr-04 $0.30 Drama $0.00
Midnight Clear Interstar Apr-92 $1.30 Drama R
Midnight in Paris SPC May-11 $56.82 comedy PG-13
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Warner Nov-97 $25.11 Drama R
Midnight Meat Train Lionsgate Aug-08 $0.07 Crime R
Mighty Aphrodite Miramax Oct-95 $6.44 Comedy R
Mighty Ducks Buena Vista Oct-92 $50.75 Action PG
Mighty Heart Paramount Jun-07 $9.17 Drama R
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Fox Jun-95 $37.79 Family PG
Mighty Wind, A Warner Apr-03 $17.51 Comedy PG13
Mighty, The Miramax Oct-98 $2.64 Drama PG13
Milk Focus Features Nov-08 $31.84 Biography R
Milk Money Paramount Aug-94 $18.12 Comedy PG13
Miller’s Crossing Fox Sep-90 $5.01 Crime R
Million Dollar Baby Warner Dec-04 $100.43 Drama PG13
Million Dollar Hotel Lionsgate Feb-01 $0.06 Romance $0.00
Million To Juan, A Goldwyn May-94 $1.22 Comedy R
Millions Fox Searchlight Mar-05 $6.58 Comedy PG
Mimic Miramax Aug-97 $25.48 Horror R
Mindhunters Miramax May-05 $4.48 Action R
Minion, The Buena Vista Jul-00 $0.00 Action R
Minority Report Fox Jun-02 $132.00 SciFi PG13
Minus Man Artisan Sep-99 $0.00 Drama R
Miracle Buena Vista Feb-04 $64.40 Drama PG
Miracle at St. Anna Buena Vista Sep-08 $7.92 Action R
Miracle On 34th Street Fox Nov-94 $17.20 Comedy PG
Miracles From Heaven Tristar Mar-16 $61.71 Biography PG
Misery Columbia Nov-90 $61.30 Thriller R
Miss Congeniality Warner Dec-00 $107.00 Action PG13
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Focus Features Mar-08 $12.31 Comedy PG13
Missing Sony Nov-03 $27.01 Drama R
Mississippi Burning Orion Dec-88 $34.60 Drama R
Mississippi Masala Goldwyn Feb-92 $7.31 Romance R
Mist, The MGM Nov-07 $25.59 Horror R
Mixed Nuts TriStar Dec-94 $6.67 Comedy PG13
Moll Flanders MGM Jun-96 $3.44 Drama PG13
Mona Lisa Smile Columbia Dec-03 $63.70 Drama PG13
Money Talks New Line Aug-97 $41.07 Action R
Money Train Sony Nov-95 $35.43 Comedy R
Moneyball Sony Sep-11 $75.61 Biography PG13
Monkey Trouble New Line Mar-94 $16.34 Family PG
Monsoon Wedding Focus Features Feb-02 $13.88 Comedy R
Monster (2003) Newmarket Dec-03 $34.47 Biography R
Monster House SPC Jul-06 $73.66 Comedy PG
Monster-In-Law New Line May-05 $82.93 Comedy PG13
Monsters Magnet Oct-10 $0.24 Drama R
Monster’s Ball Lionsgate Dec-01 $31.27 Drama R
Monsters vs. Aliens Paramount Mar-09 $198.33 Animation PG
Monsters, Inc. Buena Vista Nov-01 $255.87 Comedy G
Moon SPC Nov-09 $5.01 Drama R
Moonlight And Valentino Gramercy Sep-95 $2.46 Drama R
Moonrise Kingdom Focus Features May-12 $45.51 Comedy PG13
Morning Glory Paramount Nov-10 $30.99 Comedy PG13
Mortal Kombat : Annihilation New Line Nov-97 $35.89 Sequel PG13
Most Wanted New Line Oct-97 $6.33 Action R
Mother Paramount Dec-96 $19.15 Comedy PG13
Mother Night Fine Line Nov-96 $0.40 Drama R
Mothman Prophecies, The Screen Gems Jan-02 $35.20 Thriller $0.00
Motorcycle Diaries, The Focus Features Sep-04 $16.78 Drama R
Moulin Rouge Fox May-01 $57.40 Musical $0.00
Mouse Hunt Dreamworks Dec-97 $61.84 Comedy PG
Mr. 3000 Buena Vista Sep-04 $21.81 Comedy PG13
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Fox Jun-05 $186.34 Comedy PG13
Mr. Brooks MGM Jun-07 $28.55 Crime R
Mr. Death: the Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. LionsGate Dec-99 $0.51 Docu PG13
Mr. Deeds Columbia Jun-02 $126.00 Comedy $0.00
Mr. Holland’s Opus Buena Vista Dec-95 $82.58 Drama PG
Mr. Magoo Buena Vista Dec-97 $21.41 Comedy PG
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Fox Nov-07 $32.06 Comedy G
Mr. Nice Guy New Line Mar-98 $12.72 Comedy PG13
Mr. Wrong Buena Vista Feb-96 $12.81 Comedy PG13
Mrs. Brown Miramax Jul-97 $9.17 Drama PG
Mrs. Dalloway First Look Feb-97 $0.00 Drama R
Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle Fine Line Nov-94 $2.14 Drama R
Mrs. Winterbourne TriStar Apr-96 $10.08 Comedy PG13
Much Ado About Nothing  (2013) Roadside Attractions Jun-13 $4.33 Comedy PG13
Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Goldwyn May-93 $22.55 Comedy PG13
Mud Lionsgate Apr-14 $21.59 Drama PG13
Mulan Buena Vista Jun-98 $120.62 Animation G
Mulholland Falls MGM Apr-96 $11.50 Drama R
Multiplicity Columbia Jul-96 $20.13 Comedy PG13
Mummy Returns, The Universal May-01 $202.02 Action PG13
Mummy, The (1999) Universal May-99 $155.27 Action PG13
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Universal Aug-08 $102.18 Action PG13
Munich Universal Dec-05 $47.38 Drama R
Muppet Treasure Island Buena Vista Feb-96 $34.30 Family G
Murder at 1600 Warner Apr-97 $25.84 Suspense R
Murder in the First Warner Jan-95 $16.78 Drama R
Murderball ThinkFilm Jul-05 $1.53 Docu R
Muriel’s Wedding Miramax Mar-95 $15.12 Comedy R
My Architect: A Son’s Journey New Yorker Nov-03 $2.75 Docu NR
My Baby’s Daddy Miramax Jan-04 $17.32 Comedy PG13
My Beautiful Laundrette Orion Classics Mar-86 $4.95 Comedy R
My Best Fiend New Yorker Nov-99 $0.10 Docu NR
My Best Friend’s Girl Lionsgate Sep-08 $19.15 Comedy R
My Bloody Valentine 3-D Lionsgate Jan-09 $51.53 Crime R
My Boss’s Daughter Miramax Aug-03 $15.55 Comedy PG13
My Dog Skip Warner Jan-00 $34.13 Drama PG
My Fellow Americans Warner Dec-96 $22.31 Comedy PG13
My Giant Columbia Apr-98 $8.00 Comedy PG
My Girl 2 Columbia Feb-94 $16.56 Sequel PG
My Left Foot Miramax Nov-89 $14.74 Drama R
My Life As A Dog Skouras May-87 $8.35 Comedy PG13
My Name Is Joe Artisan Jan-99 $0.00 Drama R
My Name is Khan Fox Searchlight Feb-10 $4.02 Drama PG13
My Son The Fanatic Miramax Jun-99 $0.00 Comedy R
My Soul to Take Universal Oct-10 $14.74 Horror R
My Teacher’s Wife Trimark Mar-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Mysteries of Egypt Destination Jul-99 $40.60 Docu NR
Mystic Masseur ThinkFilm May-02 $0.40 Comedy PG
Mystic River Warner Oct-03 $90.14 Drama R
Myth Of Fingerprints, The Sony PC Sep-97 $0.52 Comedy R
Nacho Libre Paramount Jun-06 $80.20 Comedy PG
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Paramount Mar-94 $51.04 Sequel PG13
Naked In New York Fine Line Apr-94 $0.00 Comedy R
Namesake, The Fox Searchlight Mar-07 $13.57 Drama PG13
Nanny McPhee Universal Jan-06 $47.14 Comedy PG
Nanny McPhee Returns Universal Aug-10 $29.01 Comedy PG
Napoleon Dynamite Fox Searchlight Jun-04 $44.54 Comedy PG
Narc Paramount Dec-02 $10.47 Thriller R
National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers P & A Rel. Sep-04 $0.53 Comedy PG13
National Lampoon’s Senior Trip New Line Sep-95 $4.69 Comedy R
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder Artisan Apr-02 $21.09 Comedy R
National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation Warner Feb-97 $0.00 Comedy PG
National Security Sony Jan-03 $35.76 Comedy PG13
National Treasure Buena Vista Nov-04 $173.01 Action PG
National Treasure:  Book of Secrets Buena Vista Dec-07 $219.96 Action PG
Natural Born Killers Warner Aug-94 $50.28 Drama R
Neighbors Universal May-14 $150.16 Comedy R
Neil Young: Heart Of Gold Paramount Feb-06 $1.83 Docu NR
Nell Fox Dec-94 $33.56 Drama PG13
Neon Bible, The Strand Mar-96 $0.00 Drama R
Net, The Sony Jul-95 $50.62 Suspense PG13
Never Again Focus Features Jul-02 $0.31 Comedy R
Never Back Down Summit Mar-08 $24.85 Action PG13
Never Die Alone Fox Searchlight Mar-04 $5.65 Action R
Never Let Me Go Fox Searchlight Sep-10 $2.43 Drama R
Never Talk To Strangers Sony Oct-95 $6.85 Suspense R
New Guy, The Columbia May-02 $29.00 Comedy PG13
New in Town Lionsgate Jan-09 $16.73 Comedy PG
New Jersey Drive Gramercy Apr-95 $3.55 Drama R
New Rose Hotel LionsGate Oct-99 $0.02 Drama R
New World, The New Line Dec-05 $12.71 Drama NR
New Year’s Eve Warner Dec-11 $54.54 Comedy PG 13
New York Minute Warner May-04 $14.05 Action PG
Newton Boys Fox Mar-98 $10.32 Drama PG13
Next Friday New Line Jan-00 $57.33 Comedy R
Next Karate Kid, The Columbia Aug-94 $8.74 Sequel PG
Next Stop Wonderland Miramax Aug-98 $3.40 Drama R
Next Three Days, The Lionsgate Nov-10 $21.13 Drama PG13
Niagara, Niagara Live Mar-98 $0.22 Drama R
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist Sony Oct-08 $31.49 Comedy PG13
Nick Of Time Paramount Nov-95 $8.09 Suspense R
Nicotina Arenas Group Aug-04 $1.12 Comedy R
Night at the Museum Fox Dec-06 $250.86 Action PG
Night at the Roxbury, A Paramount Oct-98 $30.33 Comedy PG13
Night Falls On Manhattan Paramount May-97 $9.89 Drama R
Night Listener Miramax Aug-06 $7.83 Mystery R
Nightcrawler Open Road Oct-14 $32.38 Crime R
Nightmare Before Christmas Buena Vista Oct-93 $50.40 Animation PG
Nightwatch Miramax Apr-98 $1.18 Thriller R
Nil By Mouth Sony PC Feb-98 $0.27 Drama R
Nim’s Island Fox Apr-08 $48.01 Adventure PG
Nine Months Fox Jul-95 $69.66 Comedy PG13
Nixon Buena Vista Dec-95 $13.64 Biography R
No Country for Old Men Miramax Nov-07 $74.28 Crime R
No Good Deed Sony Sep-14 $1.78 Drama PG-13
No Strings Attached Paramount Jan-11 $70.66 Comedy R
Noah paramount Mar-14 $101.20 Action PG13
Nobody’s Fool Paramount Dec-94 $39.45 Drama R
Non-Stop Universal Feb-14 $92.10 Action PG-13
Northfork Paramount Jul-03 $1.42 Drama PG13
Nostradamus Orion Sep-94 $0.00 Drama R
Not Another Teen Movie Sony Dec-01 $37.89 Comedy R
Not Easily Broken Screen Gems Jan-09 $10.57 Drama PG13
Notebook New Line Jun-04 $81.00 Drama PG13
Notes on a Scandal Fox Searchlight Dec-07 $17.50 Drama R
Nothing to Lose Buena Vista Jul-97 $44.48 Action R
Notting Hill Universal Pictures May-99 $116.09 Comedy PG-13
November SPC Jul-05 $0.19 Drama R
November Man, The Relativity Aug-14 $25.02 Action R
Number 23 New Line Feb-07 $35.06 Drama R
Nurse Betty Focus Features Sep-00 $25.17 Comedy R
O (Othello) Lionsgate Aug-01 $16.03 Drama R
O Brother, Where Art Thou? Buena Vista Dec-00 $45.51 Comedy PG13
Object Of My Affection, The Fox Apr-98 $29.13 Comedy R
Observe and Report Warner Apr-09 $24.00 Comedy R
Oceans DisneyNature Apr-10 $19.41 Docu G
Ocean’s Eleven Warner Dec-01 $183.42 Comedy PG13
Ocean’s Twelve Warner Dec-04 $125.54 Comedy PG13
October Sky Universal Feb-99 $32.55 Drama PG
Oculus Relativity Apr-14 $27.70 Horror R
Odd Couple 2, The Paramount Apr-98 $18.89 Comedy PG13
Office Killer Strand Dec-97 $0.08 Comedy R
Office Space Fox Feb-99 $10.83 Comedy R
Old School DreamWorks Feb-03 $75.20 Comedy R
Olympus Has Fallen FilmDistrict Mar-13 $98.93 Action R
Omega Code,  The Providence Oct-99 $12.61 Action PG13
Omen, The Fox Jun-06 $54.61 Horror R
On a Clear Day Focus Features Apr-06 $0.19 Drama PG13
On Deadly Ground Warner Feb-94 $38.59 Action R
On the Line Miramax Oct-01 $4.37 Comedy PG
On the Ropes Winstar Aug-99 $0.05 Docu NR
Once Fox Searchlight May-07 $9.44 Drama R
Once in the Life LionsGate Oct-00 $0.05 Drama R
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Sony Sep-03 $55.85 Action R
Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored Legacy Rel. Jan-96 $2.39 Drama R
One Columbia Nov-01 $43.90 Action $0.00
One Day Focus Features Aug-11 $13.84 Drama PG13
One Fine Day Fox Dec-96 $46.11 Comedy PG
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest United Artists Nov-75 $112.00 Drama R
One for the Money Lionsgate Jan-12 $26.41 Comedy PG13
One Hour Photo Fox Searchlight Aug-02 $31.60 Drama R
One Man’s Hero MGM Sep-99 $0.19 Action R
One Night Stand New Line Nov-97 $2.64 Comedy R
One Night With The King Fox Oct-06 $13.39 Drama PG
One True Thing Universal Sep-98 $23.34 Drama R
One Week Film Life Oct-01 $0.24 Drama R
Only You TriStar Oct-94 $20.04 Comedy PG
Open Range Buena Vista Aug-03 $58.33 Drama R
Open Season Columbia Sep-06 $84.30 Animation PG
Open Water Lionsgate Aug-04 $30.55 Drama R
Operation Condor Miramax Jul-97 $10.41 Action PG13
Operation Dumbo Drop Buena Vista Jul-95 $24.63 Adventure PG
Opportunists, The First Look Aug-00 $0.58 Drama R
Opposite of Sex, The Sony PC May-98 $5.88 Comedy R
Orange County Paramount Jan-02 $41.00 Comedy $0.00
Orgazmo October Oct-98 $0.58 Comedy NC17
Original Gangstas Orion May-96 $3.72 Drama R
Original Kings of Comedy Paramount Aug-00 $38.17 Docu R
Orphanage, The Picturehouse Dec-07 $7.16 Drama R
Osama MGM Feb-04 $1.13 Drama PG13
Oscar And Lucinda Fox Searchlight Dec-97 $1.56 Drama R
Othello Sony Dec-95 $2.51 Drama R
Other Guys, The Sony Aug-10 $119.22 Action PG13
Other Side of Heaven, The Excel Enter. Dec-01 $4.72 Drama PG
Other Woman, The IFC Feb-11 $0.03 drama R
Our Family Wedding Fox Searchlight Mar-10 $20.25 Comedy PG13
Our Idiot Brother Weinstein Aug-11 $24.81 Comedy R
Our Song IFC May-01 $0.26 Drama R
Out Cold Buena Vista Nov-01 $13.90 Comedy $0.00
Out Of Africa Universal Dec-85 $87.07 Drama PG
Out of Sight Universal Jun-98 $37.50 Comedy R
Out of the Furnace Relativity Dec-13 $11.33 Crime R
Out of Time MGM Oct-03 $40.90 Thriller $0.00
Out To Sea Fox Jul-97 $27.98 Comedy PG13
P2 Summit Nov-07 $3.99 Horror R
Pagemaster, The Fox Nov-94 $12.04 Animation G
Paid in Full Miramax Oct-02 $3.07 Drama R
Painted Veil Warner Dec-06 $8.06 Drama PG13
Pallbearer, The Miramax May-96 $5.66 Comedy PG13
Palmetto Sony Feb-98 $5.81 Mystery R
Palookaville Goldwyn Oct-96 $0.37 Comedy R
Pandora’s Box Rainforest Aug-02 $0.88 Thriller $0.00
Panic Room Columbia Mar-02 $95.31 Thriller R
Panther Gramercy May-95 $6.82 Drama R
Paparazzi Fox Sep-04 $15.71 Drama PG13
Paper, The Universal Mar-94 $36.77 Comedy R
Paradise Lost Creative Thinking Nov-96 $0.54 Documentary NR
Paradise Road Fox Searchlight Apr-97 $1.93 Drama R
Paranoia Relativity Aug-13 $7.39 Drama PG13
Paranoid Park First Take (IFC) Mar-08 $0.49 Crime R
Paranormal Activity Paramount Sep-09 $107.92 Horror R
Paranormal Activity 2 Paramount Oct-10 $84.75 Horror R
Parental Guidance Lionsgate Dec-12 $77.27 Comedy PG
Paris, Je T’Aime First Look May-07 $4.86 Romance R
Party Monster Strand Sep-03 $0.30 Drama R
Passion of The Christ, The Newmarket Feb-04 $370.78 Drama R
Pathfinder Fox Apr-07 $10.23 Action R
Patriot, The Sony Jun-00 $113.33 Drama R
Paul Universal Mar-11 $37.41 Adventure R
Paul Blart: Mall Cop Sony Jan-09 $146.34 Action PG
Paulie – A Parrot’s Tale Dreamworks Apr-98 $27.04 Comedy PG
Paycheck Paramount Dec-03 $53.80 SciFi PG13
PCU Fox Apr-94 $4.33 Comedy PG13
Peaceful Warrior Lionsgate Jun-06 $1.06 Drama PG13
Peacemaker Dreamworks Sep-97 $40.16 0000000 R
Pearl Harbor Buena Vista May-01 $198.54 Drama PG13
Pebble And Penguin MGM Apr-95 $3.94 Family G
Pecker Fine Line Sep-98 $2.28 Comedy R
Peeples Lionsgate May-13 $9.16 Comedy PG13
Penelope Summit Feb-08 $19.58 Comedy PG
People Like Us Buena Vista Jun-12 $12.43 Drama PG-13
People vs. Larry Flynt, The Columbia Dec-96 $20.20 Drama R
Perez Family, The Goldwyn May-95 $2.79 Romance R
Perfect Guy Sony Sep-15 $57.03 Thriller PG-13
Perfect Man, The Universal Jun-05 $16.54 Comedy PG
Perfect Score, The Paramount Jan-04 $10.39 Comedy PG13
Perfect Storm Warner Jun-00 $182.62 Drama PG13
Perks Of Being A Wallflower Lionsgate Sep-12 $17.74 Romance Eng.
Permanent Midnight Artisan Sep-98 $1.11 Drama R
Persepolis SPC Dec-07 $4.44 Animation PG13
Personal Velocity MGM Nov-02 $0.82 Drama R
Personals, The First Run Jan-01 $0.02 Comedy R
Pest, The TriStar Feb-97 $3.51 Comedy PG13
Pet Sematary Paramount Apr-89 $57.47 Horror R
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland Buena Vista Feb-02 $48.43 Animation G
Phantom Menace, Star Wars Ep. I, The Fox May-99 $431.09 Action PG
Phantoms Miramax Jan-98 $5.62 Horror R
Phat Beach Orion Aug-96 $1.38 Comedy R
Phat Girlz Fox Searchlight Apr-06 $7.06 Comedy PG13
Phoenix Trimark Sep-98 $0.05 Drama R
Phone Booth Fox 2000 Apr-03 $46.57 Crime R
Photographer Seventh Art Apr-99 $0.00 Docu R
Pi Artisan Jul-98 $3.22 Thriller R
Pianist, The Focus Features Dec-02 $32.54 Drama R
Piano, The Miramax Nov-93 $40.16 Drama R
Picture Bride Miramax Apr-95 $1.24 Drama PG13
Picture Perfect Fox Aug-97 $31.07 Comedy PG13
Pieces Of April MGM Oct-03 $2.53 Comedy PG13
Piglet’s Big Movie Buena Vista Mar-03 $23.10 Animation G
Pineapple Express Sony Aug-08 $87.34 Action R
Pinero Miramax Dec-01 $0.31 Drama R
Pink Panther Sony Feb-06 $82.23 Adventure PG
Pippi Longstocking Legacy Rel. Aug-97 $0.00 Family G
Piranha 3DD Dimension May-12 $0.38 Horror R
Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides Walt Disney May-11 $241.07 Action PG13
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Buena Vista May-07 $309.42 Action PG13
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Buena Vista Jul-06 $423.03 Action PG13
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Buena Vista Jul-03 $305.41 Action PG13
Pitch Black Universal Feb-00 $39.24 Action R
Pitch Perfect Universal Sep-12 $65.00 Comedy PG13
Place Beyond the Pines Focus Features Mar-13 $21.40 Crime R
Planet 51 Sony Nov-09 $42.19 Animation PG
Planet of the Apes Fox Jul-01 $180.01 Action PG13
Platoon Orion Dec-86 $136.89 Drama R
Player’s Club, The New Line Apr-98 $23.05 Comedy R
Playing By Heart Miramax Dec-98 $3.97 Drama R
Playing God Buena Vista Oct-97 $0.00 Suspense R
Please Give SPC Apr-10 $4.03 Comedy R
Pledge, The Warner Jan-01 $19.72 Drama R
Point of No Return Warner Mar-93 $30.04 Action R
Pokemon The First Movie Warner Nov-99 $85.74 Animation G
Pokemon The Movie 2000 Warner Jul-00 $43.75 Animation G
Pollock Sony PC Dec-00 $8.60 Drama R
Pooh’s Heffalump Movie Buena Vista Feb-05 $18.10 Animation G
Pootie Tang Paramount Jun-01 $3.29 Comedy PG13
Porn Star:  The Legend of Ron Jeremy Maelstrom Dec-01 $0.41 Docu NR
Portrait Of A Lady Gramercy Dec-96 $3.64 Drama PG13
Possession, The Lionsgate Aug-12 $49.13 Horror PG13
Post Grad Fox Searchlight Aug-09 $6.38 Comedy PG-13
Postcards From America Strand Jul-95 $0.08 Drama NR
Powder Buena Vista Oct-95 $0.00 Drama PG13
Powwow Highway Warner Feb-89 $0.36 0000000 R
Prairie Home Companion Picturehouse Jun-06 $20.33 Comedy PG13
Precious Lionsgate Nov-09 $41.78 Drama R
Prefontaine Buena Vista Jan-97 $0.56 Drama PG13
Prestige, The Buena Vista Feb-07 $53.09 Drama PG13
Price of Glory New Line Mar-00 $3.44 Drama PG13
Pride Lionsgate Mar-07 $7.04 Drama PG
Pride & Prejudice (2005) Focus Features Nov-05 $38.37 Drama PG
Pride and Glory Warner Oct-08 $15.74 Crime R
Priest Miramax Mar-95 $4.17 Comedy R
Priest (2011) Screen Gems May-11 $29.14 Action PG13
Primal Fear Paramount Apr-96 $56.09 Crime R
Prime Universal Oct-05 $22.83 Comedy PG13
Primer ThinkFilm Oct-04 $0.42 Drama PG13
Prince & Me, The Paramount Apr-04 $28.18 Comedy PG
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Buena Vista May-10 $90.76 Action PG13
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Buena Vista Aug-04 $95.10 Comedy $0.00
Princess Diaries, The Buena Vista Aug-01 $108.20 Family $0.00
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert Gramercy Aug-94 $11.02 Comedy PG
Private Parts Paramount Mar-97 $41.21 Comedy R
Professional, The Columbia Nov-94 $19.50 Drama R
Promised Land Focus Features Dec-12 $7.60 Drama R
Promotion, The Weinstein Jun-08 $0.41 Comedy R
Proof Miramax Sep-05 $7.54 Drama PG13
Prophecy, The Miramax Sep-95 $16.06 Horror R
Prophet, A SPC Feb-10 $2.09 Crime R
Proposal, The Walt Disney Jun-09 $163.96 Comedy PG-13
Proposition First Look May-06 $1.90 Action R
Protector Weinstein Sep-06 $11.91 Action R
Psycho (Remake) Universal Dec-98 $21.51 Horror R
Public Enemies Universal Jul-09 $97.10 Biography R
Puffy Chair, The Roadside Attractions Jun-06 $0.19 Comedy R
Pulp Fiction Miramax Oct-94 $107.93 Drama R
Punisher War Zone Lionsgate Dec-08 $8.05 Action R
Punisher, The Lionsgate Apr-04 $33.71 Action R
Puppet Master V Buena Vista Oct-94 $8.58 SciFi R
Pure Country Warner Oct-92 $15.16 Drama PG
Purge, The Universal Jun-13 $64.47 Horror R
Pursuit of Happyness SPC Dec-06 $162.59 Drama PG13
Pyromaniac’s Love Story Buena Vista Apr-95 $0.00 Comedy PG
Quarantine Screen Gems Oct-08 $31.69 Drama R
Quartet The Weinstein Company Jan-13 $18.39 Comedy PG 13
Quest For Camelot, The Warner May-98 $22.73 Animation G
Quest, The Universal Apr-96 $0.00 Action PG13
Question of Faith First Look May-01 $0.02 Drama PG13
Quick And The Dead, The TriStar Feb-95 $18.55 Westerm R
Quiet American Miramax Nov-02 $12.99 Drama R
Quills Fox Searchlight Nov-00 $7.06 Drama R
Quinceanera SPC Aug-06 $1.69 Drama R
Quiz Show Buena Vista Sep-94 $24.82 Drama PG13
Rabbit Hole Lionsgate Dec-10 $2.22 Drama PG13
Rabbit Proof Fence Miramax Nov-02 $6.18 Drama PG
Race (2016) Focus Features Feb-16 $19.12 Biography PG-13
Race The Sun Sony Mar-96 $1.68 Adventure PG
Racing Stripes Warner Jan-05 $49.77 Comedy PG
Radio Columbia Oct-03 $52.30 Drama PG
Radioland Murders Universal Oct-94 $1.30 Comedy PG
Rain Man MGM Dec-88 $172.83 Drama R
Rainmaker Paramount Nov-97 $45.91 Drama PG13
Raise Your Voice New Line Oct-04 $10.41 Drama PG
Raising Helen Buena Vista May-04 $37.49 Comedy PG13
Raising Victor Vargas Goldwyn Mar-03 $1.93 Drama R
Rambo 4 (2008) Lionsgate Jan-08 $42.72 Action R
Rapa Nui Warner Sep-94 $0.30 Action R
Rat Race Paramount Aug-01 $56.62 adventure PG13
Ratatouille Buena Vista Jun-07 $206.44 Animation G
Ratcatcher First Look Oct-00 $0.22 Drama NR
Rated X (TV movie) Showtime Networks Jan-00 $0.00 Drama R
Raven, The Relativity Apr-12 $16.01 Crime R
Ray Universal Oct-04 $75.31 Drama PG13
Reader, The Weinstein Dec-08 $34.18 Drama R
Ready to Rumble Warner Apr-00 $12.39 Comedy PG13
Ready To Wear (Pret-A-Porter) Miramax Dec-94 $11.30 Comedy R
Real Blonde, The Paramount Feb-98 $0.36 Comedy R
Real Cancun, The New Line Apr-03 $3.78 Docu R
Real Women Have Curves HBO/NewMarket Oct-02 $5.85 Comedy PG13
Reality Bites Universal Feb-94 $20.08 Comedy PG13
Rebound Fox Jul-05 $16.81 Comedy PG
Recess: School’s Out Buena Vista Feb-01 $36.71 Animation G
Reckless Goldwyn Nov-95 $0.12 Comedy PG13
Recruit Buena Vista Jan-03 $52.80 Action PG13
Red Buena Vista Oct-10 $90.38 Action PG13
Red 2 Summit Jul-13 $53.00 Action PG13
Red Cliff: Part I & II Magnolia Nov-09 $0.63 Action R
Red Doors Emerging Pictures Sep-06 $0.98 Drama R
Red Dragon Universal Oct-02 $92.90 Drama $0.00
Red Eye DreamWorks Aug-05 $57.89 Drama PG13
Red State Smodcast Mar-11 $1.10 Action R
Red Tails Fox Jan-12 $49.34 Action PG13
Red Violin, The LionsGate Jun-99 $9.50 Drama R
Redacted Magnolia Nov-07 $0.07 Crime R
Redemption Lionsgate Jun-13 $0.04 Action R
Ref, The Buena Vista Mar-94 $11.33 Comedy R
Regret to Inform Artistic License Jun-99 $0.04 Docu NR
Reign Over Me SPC Mar-07 $19.66 Drama R
Relic, The Paramount Jan-97 $33.94 Horror R
Remains of the Day Columbia Nov-93 $23.24 Drama PG
Remember Me Summit Mar-10 $19.07 Drama PG13
Remember The Titans Buena Vista Sep-00 $115.65 Drama PG
Renaissance Man Buena Vista Jun-94 $24.17 Comedy PG13
Rendition New Line Oct-07 $9.66 Drama R
Reno 911: Miami Fox Feb-07 $20.34 Comedy R
Replacement Killers Sony Feb-98 $19.20 Action R
Repo Men Universal Mar-10 $13.79 action R
Repo! The Genetic Opera Lionsgate Nov-08 $0.17 Comedy R
Requiem for a Dream Artisan Oct-00 $3.64 Drama NR
Rescue Dawn MGM Jul-07 $5.49 Action PG13
Reservation Road Focus Features Oct-07 $0.10 Crime R
Reservoir Dogs Miramax Oct-92 $2.83 Crime R
Resident Evil Screen Gems Mar-02 $39.50 Horror R
Return to Never Land Buena Vista Feb-02 $48.40 Animation $0.00
Return To Paradise Polygram Aug-98 $8.31 Drama R
Return, The Focus Features Nov-06 $7.74 Drama PG13
Revelation Providence May-99 $0.21 SciFi PG13
Revolutionary Road Paramount Dec-08 $22.88 Drama R
Rich Man’s Wife, The Buena Vista Sep-96 $8.52 Thriller R
Richard III MGM Dec-95 $2.68 Drama R
Richie Rich Warner Dec-94 $38.06 Comedy PG
Riddick Lionsgate Sep-13 $42.03 Action R
Ride Miramax Mar-98 $5.49 Comedy R
Ride Along Universal Jan-14 $134.94 Action PG-13
Ride Along 2 Universal Jan-16 $88.80 Comedy PG-13
Ride with the Devil USA Films Nov-99 $0.53 Drama R
Riding Giants SPC Jul-04 $2.28 Docu PG13
Righteous Kill Overture Sep-08 $40.08 Crime R
Ring, The DreamWorks Oct-02 $129.02 Horror PG13
Ringer, The Fox Searchlight Dec-05 $35.43 Comedy PG13
RIO Fox Apr-11 $143.62 Animation G
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox Aug-11 $176.74 Action PG13
Rise: Blood Hunter Samuel Goldwyn Jun-07 $0.11 Action R
River Runs Through It, A Columbia Oct-92 $43.22 Drama PG
River Wild Universal Sep-94 $46.82 Action PG13
Rize Lionsgate Jun-05 $2.67 Docu PG13
Road to Perdition, The DreamWorks Jul-02 $104.45 Drama R
Road To Wellville, The Sony Oct-94 $6.49 Comedy R
Road Trip Dreamworks May-00 $68.54 Comedy R
Rob Roy MGM Apr-95 $31.60 Drama R
Robots Fox Mar-05 $128.20 Animation PG
Rock School Newmarket Jun-05 $0.06 Docu R
Rocket Science Picturehouse Aug-07 $0.71 Comedy R
Rocketman Buena Vista Oct-97 $15.45 Comedy PG
Rocky Balboa MGM Dec-06 $70.27 Drama PG
Roger Dodger Artisan Oct-02 $1.27 Comedy R
Role Models Universal Nov-08 $67.27 Comedy R
Roll Bounce Fox Sep-05 $17.38 Comedy PG13
Romeo & Juliet Fox Nov-96 $46.35 Drama PG13
Romeo Is Bleeding Gramercy Feb-94 $3.25 Drama R
Romeo Must Die Warner Mar-00 $55.97 Action R
Romy And Michele’s Reunion Buena Vista Apr-97 $29.22 Comedy R
Ronin MGM Sep-98 $41.62 Action R
Rookie Of The Year Fox Jul-93 $53.62 Comedy PG
Rookie, The Buena Vista Mar-02 $75.60 Drama G
Roommate, The Sony Feb-11 $37.30 Drama PG13
Roommates Buena Vista Mar-95 $12.08 Comedy PG
Roosters IRS Media Jul-95 $0.11 Drama R
Rosewood Warner Feb-97 $13.13 Drama R
Rounders Miramax Sep-98 $22.88 Drama R
Royal Tenenbaums, The Buena Vista Dec-01 $52.36 Comedy R
Ruby in Paradise October Oct-93 $1.01 Drama R
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Legacy Rel. Nov-99 $0.11 Animation NR
Rudy TriStar Oct-93 $22.75 Drama PG
Rugrats Paramount Nov-98 $100.49 Animation G
Rugrats Go Wild! Paramount Jun-03 $39.40 Animation PG
Ruins, The Paramount Apr-08 $17.43 Horror R
Rules of Attraction, The Lionsgate Oct-02 $6.53 Comedy R
Rules of Engagement Paramount Apr-00 $51.35 Action R
Rumble In The Bronx Buena Vista Feb-96 $32.28 Action R
Rumor Has It Warner Dec-05 $43.00 Comedy PG13
Rumor of Angels, A MGM Feb-02 $0.04 Drama PG13
Run All Night Warner Bros. Mar-15 $26.46 Action R
Run Lola Run Sony PC Jun-99 $7.27 Drama R
Runaway Jury Fox Oct-03 $49.40 Thriller $0.00
Runaways, The Summit Mar-10 $3.57 Drama R
Running Scared New Line Feb-06 $6.86 Action R
Running with Scissors Columbia Oct-06 $6.75 Comedy R
Rush Hour New Line Sep-98 $141.17 Comedy PG13
Rush Hour 2 New Line Aug-01 $226.16 Action PG13
Rushmore Buena Vista Dec-98 $17.11 Comedy R
Russell Mulcahy’s Tale of the Mummy Buena Vista Aug-99 $0.00 SciFi R
S.W.A.T. Columbia Aug-03 $117.00 Action $0.00
Sabrina Paramount Dec-95 $53.56 Comedy PG
Safe (1995) Sony PC Jun-95 $0.00 Thriller R
Safe (2012) Lionsgate Apr-12 $17.14 Action R
Safe Haven Relativity Feb-13 $71.35 Drama PG13
Safety Not Guaranteed FilmDistrict Jun-12 $4.01 Comedy R
Saint, The Paramount Apr-97 $61.36 Action PG13
Salaam Bombay! Cinecom Oct-88 $2.08 Drama NR
Salmonberries Roxie Apr-94 $0.04 Drama R
Sanctum Universal Feb-11 $23.21 Adventure R
Sandlot, The Fox Apr-93 $32.43 Comedy PG
Santa Clause 2: Mrs. Clause Buena Vista Nov-02 $139.00 Family $0.00
Santa Clause, The Buena Vista Nov-94 $144.83 Comedy PG
Santa vs. the Snowman IMAX Nov-02 $1.93 Comedy NR
Sapphires, The Weinstein Mar-13 $2.45 Comedy PG13
Sarafina! Buena Vista Sep-92 $7.27 Drama PG13
Savages Universal Jul-12 $47.26 Crime R
Savages, The Fox Searchlight Nov-07 $6.61 Drama R
Saved! United Artists May-04 $8.94 Comedy PG13
Saving Grace Fine Line Aug-00 $12.18 Comedy R
Saving Private Ryan Dreamworks Jul-98 $216.17 Action R
Saving Silverman Columbia Feb-01 $19.40 Comedy $0.00
Savior LionsGate Nov-98 $0.01 Drama R
Saw Lionsgate Oct-04 $55.19 Crime R
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter Lionsgate Oct-10 $45.71 Horror R
Saw II Lionsgate Oct-05 $87.04 Crime R
Saw III Lionsgate Oct-06 $80.24 Crime R
Saw IV Lionsgate Oct-07 $63.27 Crime R
Saw V Lionsgate Oct-08 $56.73 Crime R
Saw VI Lionsgate Oct-09 $27.67 Horror R
Scanner Darkly, A Warner Independent Jul-06 $5.48 Drama R
Scarlet Letter, The Buena Vista Oct-95 $10.36 Drama R
Scary Movie Dimension Jul-00 $157.02 Comedy R
Scary Movie 2 Dimension Jul-01 $71.30 Comedy $0.00
Scary Movie 3 Dimension Oct-03 $110.00 Comedy $0.00
Schindler’s List Universal Dec-93 $96.07 Drama R
Schizopolis Northern Arts Apr-97 $0.01 Comedy NR
School Daze Columbia Feb-88 $14.55 Drama R
School of Rock Paramount Oct-03 $81.26 Comedy PG13
Scoop Focus Features Jul-06 $10.52 Comedy PG13
Scorpion King, The Universal Apr-02 $90.34 Action PG13
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Universal Aug-10 $31.61 Action PG13
Scream Dimension Dec-96 $103.03 Horror R
Scream 2 Miramax Dec-97 $101.36 Sequel R
Screamers Triumph Jan-96 $0.00 SciFi R
Sculptress Phaedra Oct-00 $0.01 Thriller R
Sea Inside, The Fine Line Dec-04 $2.09 Drama PG13
Search And Destroy October Apr-95 $0.00 Comedy R
Searching for Sugar Man SPC Jul-12 $3.97 Docu PG13
Season of the Witch Relativity Jan-11 $24.83 Action PG13
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Fox Searchlight Jul-15 $33.08 Comedy PG
Secondhand Lions New Line Sep-03 $41.52 Comedy PG
Secret Garden, The Warner Aug-93 $31.18 Drama G
Secret in Their Eyes, The SPC Apr-10 $6.40 Drama R
Secret Life of Bees, The Fox Searchlight Oct-08 $37.80 Drama PG13
Secret of Roan Inish, The First Look Feb-95 $6.16 Family PG
Secret Window Columbia Mar-04 $47.80 Thriller $0.00
Secretary Lionsgate Sep-02 $4.06 Comedy R
Secrets & Lies October Sep-96 $12.12 Comedy R
See No Evil Lionsgate May-06 $15.03 Horror R
Seed of Chucky Focus Features Nov-04 $17.02 Comedy R
Seeker:  The Dark Is Rising Fox Oct-07 $8.79 Adventure PG
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Focus Features Jun-12 $7.08 Comedy R
Selena Warner Mar-97 $35.36 Drama PG
Selma Paramount Dec-14 $52.08 Biography PG-13
Sense And Sensibility Sony Dec-95 $43.18 Comedy PG
Senseless Miramax Feb-98 $13.11 Comedy R
Separate Lies Fox Searchlight Sep-05 $0.92 Drama R
Separate Lives Trimark Sep-95 $0.96 Drama R
Serendipity Miramax Nov-01 $50.29 Comedy PG13
Serial Mom Savoy Apr-94 $0.00 Comedy R
Series 7: The Contenders USA Films Mar-01 $0.18 Thriller R
Serious Man, A Focus Features Oct-09 $9.19 Drama R
Set It Off New Line Nov-96 $36.46 Drama R
Seven New Line Sep-95 $100.12 Suspense R
Seven Years in Tibet Sony Oct-97 $37.96 Drama PG13
Sex and Lucia Palm Pictures Jul-02 $1.49 Drama R
Sex Drive Summit Oct-08 $8.40 Comedy R
Sex, Lies and Videotape Miramax Aug-89 $24.74 Drama R
Sex:  The Annabel Chong Story Strand Feb-00 $0.23 Docu R
Sexy Beast Fox Searchlight Jun-01 $6.95 Drama R
Sgt. Bilko Universal Mar-96 $30.17 Comedy PG
Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure WGBH Giant-Screen Films Feb-01 $15.55 Docu NR
Shadow of the Vampire LionsGate Dec-00 $8.29 Drama R
Shadow, The Universal Jun-94 $31.84 Action PG13
Shadowboxer Freestyle Jul-06 $0.37 Drama R
Shaggy Dog, The Buena Vista Mar-06 $61.11 Comedy PG
Shakespeare in Love Miramax Dec-98 $100.29 Drama R
Shall We Dance (97) Miramax Jul-97 $9.50 Comedy PG13
Shall We Dance? (04) Miramax Oct-04 $57.90 Comedy $0.00
Shallow Grave Gramercy Feb-95 $2.08 Drama R
Shallow Hal Fox Nov-01 $70.80 Comedy $0.00
Shame Fox Searchlight Dec-11 $4.00 Drama R
Shampoo Horns Escima Mar-98 $0.01 Drama R
Shanghai Knights Buena Vista Feb-03 $60.50 Action $0.00
Shark Night 3D Relativity Sep-11 $18.88 Horror PG13
Shark Tale DreamWorks Oct-04 $161.00 Animation $0.00
Shattered (1991) MGM Oct-91 $11.51 0000000 R
Shaun of the Dead Focus Features Sep-04 $13.47 Comedy R
Shawshank Redemption Columbia Sep-94 $28.24 Drama R
Sherlock Holmes Warner Dec-09 $209.02 Action PG13
Sherrybaby IFC Sep-06 $0.20 Drama R
She’s All That Miramax Jan-99 $63.37 Comedy PG13
She’s Out of My League Paramount Mar-10 $31.58 Comedy R
She’s So Lovely Miramax Aug-97 $7.27 Comedy R
She’s the Man Paramount Mar-06 $33.74 Comedy PG13
She’s the One Fox Searchlight Aug-96 $9.46 Romance R
Shiloh Legacy Rel. Apr-97 $1.01 Drama PG
Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season Legacy Rel. Jun-99 $0.59 Drama PG
Shine Fine Line Nov-96 $35.82 Drama PG13
Shine a Light Paramount Apr-08 $5.51 Docu PG13
Shining Through Fox Jan-92 $18.32 Drama R
Shoot Em Up New Line Sep-07 $12.80 Action R
Shooting Fish Fox Searchlight May-98 $0.38 Comedy PG
Short Cut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela (Shortcut) Shotwell Media May-04 $0.40 Docu NR
Showgirls MGM Sep-95 $20.25 Drama NC17
Showtime Warner Mar-02 $37.95 Action PG13
Shrek 2 DreamWorks May-04 $436.00 Animation PG
Shrek Forever After Paramount May-10 $238.37 Animation PG
Shutter Island Paramount Feb-10 $127.97 Drama R
Sicko Weinstein Jun-07 $24.53 Docu PG13
Side Effects Open Road Jun-13 $32.17 Crime R
Sidewalks of New York, The Paramount Nov-01 $2.40 Comedy R
Sideways Fox Searchlight Oct-04 $71.50 Comedy R
Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box IMAX Jan-99 $5.23 Docu NR
Signal, The Focus Features Jun-14 $0.60 Sci-Fi PG-13
Signs Buena Vista Aug-02 $227.97 Drama PG13
Silent Fall Warner Oct-94 $3.16 Drama R
Silent House Open Road Mar-12 $12.75 Horror R
Silver Bullet Paramount Oct-85 $11.07 Adventure R
Silver Linings Playbook Weinstein Nov-12 $132.09 Comedy R
Simon Birch Buena Vista Sep-98 $18.25 Drama PG
Simple Plan, A Paramount Dec-98 $16.31 Thriller R
Simple Twist Of Fate, A Buena Vista Sep-94 $3.40 Drama PG13
Simple Wish Universal Jul-97 $8.15 Family PG
Simply Irresistible Fox Feb-99 $4.56 Comedy PG13
Sin City Miramax Apr-05 $74.10 Action R
Sin Nombre Focus Features Mar-09 $2.54 Adventure R
Single Man, A Weinstein Dec-09 $9.18 Drama R
Singles Ward, The Halestorm Entertainment Feb-02 $1.25 Comedy PG
Sinister Summit Oct-12 $48.09 Horror R
Sioux City IRS Media Aug-94 $0.00 Drama PG13
Sirens Miramax Mar-94 $7.77 Comedy R
Sister My Sister Seventh Art Jun-95 $0.22 Drama R
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Warner Jun-05 $39.01 Comedy PG
Sixth Sense, The Buena Vista Aug-99 $293.51 Drama PG13
Skinwalkers Lionsgate Aug-07 $1.02 Action PG13
Skulls, The Universal Mar-00 $35.05 Thriller PG13
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Paramount Sep-04 $37.80 Action PG
Sky High Buena Vista Jun-05 $63.94 Action PG
Skyline Universal Nov-10 $21.37 Action PG13
Slaughter Rule Cowboy Booking Jan-02 $0.01 Drama R
Slaves of Hollywood Filmopolis Oct-99 $0.00 Comedy NR
SLC Punk! Sony PC Apr-99 $0.30 Comedy R
Sleepover MGM Jul-04 $9.01 Comedy PG
Sliding Doors Miramax Apr-98 $11.88 Comedy PG13
Sling Blade Miramax Nov-96 $24.49 Drama R
Slither Universal Mar-06 $7.80 Comedy R
Slow Burn Lionsgate Apr-07 $1.18 Drama R
Slumdog Millionaire Fox Searchlight Nov-08 $141.32 Drama R
Slums of Beverly Hills Fox Searchlight Aug-98 $5.38 Comedy R
Smile Like Yours, A Paramount Aug-97 $3.26 Comedy PG13
Smilla’s Sense Of Snow Fox Searchlight Feb-97 $2.24 Thriller R
Smoke Miramax Jun-95 $8.37 Comedy R
Smoke Signals Miramax Jun-98 $6.75 Comedy PG13
Smokin’ Aces Universal Jan-07 $35.64 Action R
Snatch Screen Gems Dec-00 $30.33 Comedy R
Snow Dogs Buena Vista Jan-02 $81.20 Adventure PG
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Fox Searchlight Jul-11 $1.35 Drama PG13
Social Network, The Columbia Oct-10 $96.92 Biography PG13
Soft Fruit Fox Searchlight Mar-00 $0.01 Comedy R
Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, A October Sep-98 $1.74 Drama R
Solo Triumph Aug-96 $0.00 Action PG13
Some Kind of Wonderful Paramount Feb-87 $18.60 Drama PG13
Some Mother’s Son Sony Dec-96 $0.67 Drama R
Someone Like You… Fox Mar-01 $27.34 Comedy PG13
Somersault Magnolia Apr-06 $0.09 Drama NR
Something New Focus Features Feb-06 $11.47 Comedy PG13
Something To Talk About Warner Aug-95 $50.87 Comedy R
Focus Features Dec-10 $1.77 Drama R
Sorority Boys Buena Vista Mar-02 $10.20 Comedy $0.00
Sorority Row Summit Sep-09 $11.97 Horror R
Soul Food Fox Searchlight Sep-97 $43.49 Comedy R
Soul Plane MGM May-04 $14.19 Comedy R
Soul Surfer TriStar Apr-11 $43.90 Drama PG
Sound of My Voice Fox Searchlight Apr-12 $0.41 Drama R
Sour Grapes Sony Apr-98 $0.24 Comedy R
Source Code Summit Apr-11 $54.70 Mystery PG13
Source, The Winstar Aug-99 $0.36 Docu NR
Space Station 3-D IMAX Apr-02 $63.96 Docu NR
Spanish Prisoner, The Sony PC Apr-98 $9.58 Drama PG
Spanking the Monkey Fine Line Jul-94 $1.36 Comedy NR
Sparkle TriStar Aug-12 $24.40 Drama PG13
Spawn New Line Aug-97 $54.87 Action PG13
Species MGM Jul-95 $60.05 SciFi R
Spectacular Now, The A24 Aug-13 $6.85 Comedy R
Speechless MGM Dec-94 $20.56 Comedy PG13
Speed Fox Jun-94 $121.25 Action R
Spellbound ThinkFilm Apr-03 $5.73 Docu G
Spent Regent Jul-00 $0.01 Comedy R
Spice World Columbia Jan-98 $29.26 Comedy PG
Spiderman 2 Columbia Jun-04 $373.38 Action PG13
Spider-Man 2 Columbia Jun-04 $373.58 Action PG13
Spider-Man 3 Columbia May-07 $337.00 Action PG13
Spirit, The Lionsgate Dec-08 $19.80 Action PG13
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron DreamWorks May-02 $73.20 Animation G
Spitfire Grill, The Columbia Aug-96 $12.59 Drama PG13
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Paramount Nov-04 $85.40 Animation PG
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (Bom, Yeoreum, Gaeul, Gyeowool, Geurigo Bom) SPC Jun-05 $2.40 Drama R
Sprung Trimark May-97 $7.58 Comedy R
Spy Game Universal Nov-01 $62.36 Action R
Spy Kids Dimension Mar-01 $112.69 Action PG
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Dimension Aug-02 $85.60 Action $0.00
Spy Kids 3D: Game Over Dimension Jul-03 $111.76 Action PG
Spy Next Door, The Lionsgate Jan-10 $24.31 Action PG
Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale Buena Vista Oct-94 $3.32 Drama PG
Squid and the Whale, The IDP Oct-05 $7.37 Comedy R
St. Vincent Weinstein Oct-14 $44.14 Comedy PG-13
Stand And Deliver Warner Mar-88 $13.99 Drama PG
Stand By Me Columbia Aug-86 $52.29 Drama R
Stander Newmarket Aug-04 $0.03 Drama R
Standing in the Shadows of Motown Artisan Nov-02 $1.77 Docu PG
Star 80 Warner Nov-83 $6.50 Biography R
Star Maps Fox Searchlight Jul-97 $0.66 Comedy R
Star Trek : Generations Paramount Nov-94 $75.61 Sequel PG13
Star Trek: First Contact Paramount Nov-96 $92.03 Adventure PG13
Star Wars:  Eppisode IV – A New Hope Fox May-77 $282.88 Action PG
Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of Clones Fox May-02 $311.00 SciFi PG
Stargate MGM Oct-94 $71.57 Family PG13
Starsky & Hutch Warner Mar-04 $88.20 Comedy PG13
Startup.com Artisan May-01 $1.28 Docu R
State Property Lionsgate Jan-02 $2.11 Drama R
State Property 2 Lionsgate Apr-05 $1.69 Action R
Station Agent, The Miramax Oct-03 $5.74 Comedy R
Stay Fox Oct-05 $3.63 Drama R
Stay Alive Buena Vista Mar-06 $23.09 Horror PG13
Stealing Beauty Fox Searchlight Jun-96 $4.58 Drama R
Stealth Columbia Jul-05 $31.70 Action PG13
Steel Warner Aug-97 $1.71 Action PG13
Steel Magnolias TriStar Nov-89 $83.76 Comedy PG
Step Brothers Sony Jul-08 $100.47 Comedy R
Step Into Liquid Artisan Aug-03 $3.68 Docu PG
Step Up Buena Vista Aug-06 $65.30 Crime PG13
Stick It Buena Vista Apr-06 $26.91 Comedy PG13
Still Alice SPC Jan-15 $18.66 Drama PG13
Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator Palm Pictures Aug-03 $0.13 Docu R
Stoker Fox Searchlight Mar-13 $1.70 Drama R
Stolen Summer Miramax Mar-02 $0.13 Comedy PG
Stomp the Yard Screen Gems Jan-07 $61.36 Drama PG13
Stone Overture Oct-10 $1.80 Drama R
Stonewall Strand Jul-96 $0.69 Drama R
Stop-Loss Paramount Mar-08 $10.92 Drama R
Story of the Weeping Camel, The ThinkFilm Jun-04 $1.74 Docu PG
Straight Outta Compton Universal Aug-15 $161.19 Biography R
Straight Story,  The Buena Vista Oct-99 $0.00 Drama G
Strangeland Artisan Oct-98 $0.71 Horror R
Strangers, The Rogue Pictures May-08 $52.53 Drama R
Street Fighter Universal Dec-94 $33.24 Action PG13
Strictly Ballroom Miramax Feb-93 $11.74 Comedy PG
Strike Dimension Aug-98 $0.91 Comedy PG13
Stuart Saves His Family Paramount Apr-95 $0.91 Comedy PG13
Stuck On You Fox Dec-03 $33.83 Comedy PG13
Stupids, The New Line Aug-96 $2.42 Comedy PG
Substitute, The Orion Apr-96 $14.77 Drama R
Suburbia Sony PC Feb-97 $0.66 Comedy R
Sudden Death Universal Dec-95 $20.24 Action R
Sugar & Spice New Line Jan-01 $13.30 Comedy $0.00
Sugar Hill Fox Feb-94 $18.23 Thriller R
Suicide Kings Artisan Apr-98 $1.65 Comedy R
Suicide Squad Warner Aug-16 $325.10 Action PG-13
Sum of All Fears, The Paramount May-02 $118.50 Drama PG13
Summer Catch Warner Aug-01 $19.70 Comedy PG13
Sunset Park Sony Apr-96 $10.14 Drama R
Sunshine Alliance/Paramount Classics Dec-99 $5.10 Drama R
Sunshine Cleaning Overture Mar-09 $12.10 Comedy R
Super Size Me IDP May-04 $11.54 Comedy PG
Super Troopers Fox Searchlight Feb-02 $18.49 Comedy R
Superbad Columbia Aug-07 $121.46 Comedy R
Supercop Miramax Jul-96 $16.27 Action R
Supercross Fox Aug-05 $3.10 Drama PG13
Superman Returns Warner Jun-06 $200.12 Action PG13
Surfer, Dude Weinstein Sep-08 $0.04 Comedy R
Surf’s Up Sony Jun-07 $58.87 Animation PG
Surrogates Buena Vista Sep-09 $38.58 Sci-Fi PG13
Surviving Christmas DreamWorks Oct-04 $11.22 Comedy PG13
Surviving Picasso Warner Sep-96 $1.99 Drama R
Surviving the Game New Line Apr-94 $7.60 Action R
Suspect Zero Paramount Aug-04 $8.73 Drama R
Swan Princess, The New Line Nov-94 $9.77 Family G
Sweet and Lowdown Sony PC Dec-99 $4.20 Comedy PG13
Sweet Hereafter, The Fine Line Nov-97 $3.25 Drama R
Sweet Home Alabama Buena Vista Sep-02 $127.00 Comedy $0.00
Sweet Land Libero Oct-06 $1.71 Drama PG
Swept From The Sea TriStar Jan-98 $0.40 Drama PG13
Swimfan Fox Sep-02 $28.56 Drama PG13
Swimming Pool Focus Features Jul-03 $10.11 Mystery R
Swimming With Sharks Trimark Apr-95 $0.38 Comedy R
Swingers Miramax Oct-96 $4.56 Comedy R
Switch, The Miramax Aug-10 $27.78 Comedy PG13
Switch, The  (1991) Warner May-91 $15.55 Crime R
Switchback Paramount Oct-97 $6.49 Action R
Syriana Warner Nov-05 $50.82 Drama R
Tadpole Miramax Jul-02 $2.90 Comedy PG13
Tailor Of Panama, The Columbia Mar-01 $13.73 Drama R
Take Me Home Tonight Relativity Mar-11 $6.93 Comedy R
Take The Lead New Line Apr-06 $34.74 Drama PG13
Taken Fox Jan-09 $145.00 Action PG13
Taken 2 Fox Oct-12 $139.85 Action PG-13
Taken 3 Fox Jan-15 $89.26 Action PG-13
Tale of Despereaux Universal Dec-08 $50.82 Adventure G
Talented Mr. Ripley, The Paramount Dec-99 $81.30 Drama R
Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood Universal Aug-96 $5.60 Horror R
Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight Universal Jan-95 $20.98 Horror R
Tales From the Hood Savoy May-95 $0.00 Horror R
Talk To Her Sony Nov-02 $9.28 Drama R
Talk to Me Focus Features Jul-07 $4.53 Biography R
Tall Tale Buena Vista Mar-95 $8.25 Adventure PG
Talladega Nights:  The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Sony Aug-06 $148.21 Comedy PG13
Tangled Buena Vista Nov-10 $201.00 Animation PG
Tank Girl MGM Mar-95 $3.95 Action R
Tao of Steve Sony PC Aug-00 $4.34 Comedy R
Tape Lionsgate Nov-01 $0.50 Drama R
Tarzan And The Lost City Warner Apr-98 $2.17 Adventure PG
Taxi Fox Oct-04 $36.61 Comedy PG13
Team America: World Police Paramount Oct-04 $32.80 Comedy $0.00
Tears of the Sun Sony Mar-03 $43.73 Action R
Teddy Bear’s Picnic Magnolia Mar-02 $0.03 Comedy R
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Line Mar-90 $133.15 0000000 PG
Tell No One Music Box Jul-08 $6.18 Crime NR
Telling Lies in America Banner Ent. Oct-97 $0.00 Drama PG13
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Lionsgate Mar-13 $51.98 Drama PG13
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny New Line Nov-06 $8.32 Comedy R
Terminal, The DreamWorks Jun-04 $77.03 Drama PG13
Texas Chainsaw 3D Lionsgate Jan-13 $34.26 Horror R
Texas Chainsaw Massacre New Line Oct-03 $80.17 Crime R
Thank You for Smoking Fox Searchlight Mar-06 $24.79 Comedy R
The Big Short Paramount Dec-15 $70.26 Biography R
The Gambler Paramount Dec-14 $33.68 Crime R
The Good Lie Warner Oct-14 $2.72 Drama PG-13
The House Bunny Columbia Aug-08 $48.24 Comedy PG13
The Hunted Paramount Mar-03 $34.24 Action R
The Informant! Warner Sep-09 $33.32 Comedy R
The Switch Miramax Aug-10 $27.78 Comedy PG-13
Theory of Everything, The Focus Features Nov-14 $35.89 Action #REF!
There Goes My Baby Orion Sep-94 $0.00 Comedy R
There Will Be Blood Paramount Dec-07 $40.22 Drama R
There’s Something About Mary Fox Jul-98 $176.48 Comedy R
They Dimension Nov-02 $12.70 Horror $0.00
Thin Blue Line Miramax Aug-88 $1.21 Docu NR
Thin Line Between Love & Hate, A New Line Apr-96 $34.75 Comedy R
Thin Red Line Fox Dec-98 $36.39 Drama R
Thing You Do, That Fox Oct-96 $25.82 Musical PG
Things To Do In Denver Miramax Dec-95 $0.48 Black Comedy R
Things We Lost in The Fire Paramount Oct-07 $3.24 Drama R
Thinner, Stephen King’s Paramount Oct-96 $15.20 Horror R
Third World Cop Palm Pictures Apr-00 $0.41 Action R
Thirteen Fox Searchlight Aug-03 $4.60 Drama R
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing SPC May-02 $3.29 Drama R
Thirteen Days New Line Dec-00 $34.59 Drama PG13
This Christmas Screen Gems Nov-07 $49.12 Comedy PG13
This Is My Father Sony PC May-99 $0.00 Drama R
This is the End Columbia Jun-13 $101.47 Comedy R
This World, Then the Fireworks MGM Jul-97 $0.00 Drama R
Thor Paramount May-11 $181.02 Action PG13
Thor The Dark World Buena Vista Nov-13 $206.36 Action PG13
Thousand Acres, A Buena Vista Sep-97 $7.78 Drama R
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada SPC Dec-05 $4.98 Adventure R
Three Kings Warner Oct-99 $50.91 Action R
Three Seasons October Apr-99 $2.02 Drama PG13
Threesome Sony Apr-94 $14.76 Comedy R
Thumbelina Warner Mar-94 $11.42 Family G
Tibet: Cry Of The Snow Lion Artistic License Sep-03 $0.58 Docu NR
Tic Code LionsGate Aug-00 $0.21 Drama R
Tie That Binds, The Buena Vista Sep-95 $5.76 Suspense R
Tigerland Fox Oct-00 $0.12 Drama R
Tigger Movie, The Buena Vista Feb-00 $45.55 Animation G
Til There Was You Paramount May-97 $3.52 Comedy PG13
Time to Kill Warner Jul-96 $108.77 Drama R
Time Traveler’s Wife, The Warner Aug-09 $63.41 Drama PG13
Timecop Universal Sep-94 $44.37 Action R
Tin Cup Warner Aug-96 $53.85 Comedy R
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Focus Features Dec-11 $24.10 Drama R
Titan A.E. Fox Jun-00 $22.75 Animation PG
Titanic Paramount Dec-97 $600.79 Drama PG13
Titus Fox Searchlight Dec-99 $1.92 Drama R
TMNT Warner Mar-07 $54.13 Animation PG
To Save A Life Samuel Goldwyn Jan-10 $3.77 Drama PG13
To Wong Foo Universal Sep-95 $0.00 Comedy PG13
To-Do List, The CBS Films Jul-13 $3.49 Comedy R
Tom & Viv Miramax Dec-94 $0.51 Drama PG13
Tom And Huck Buena Vista Dec-95 $23.87 Adventure PG
Tomcats Columbia Mar-01 $13.60 Comedy $0.00
Top Dog MGM Apr-95 $5.01 Comedy PG13
Top Five Paramount Dec-14 $25.32 Comedy R
Tortilla Soup IDP Aug-01 $4.47 Comedy PG13
Total Eclipse Fine Line Nov-95 $0.34 Drama R
Touching the Void IFC Jan-04 $4.63 Docu R
Town, The Warner Sep-10 $92.17 Crime R
Toy Story Buena Vista Nov-95 $191.78 Animation G
Toy Story 2 Buena Vista Nov-99 $246.00 Animation G
Toy Story 3 Buena Vista Jun-10 $415.00 Animation G
Trade Lionsgate Sep-07 $0.21 Drama R
Trading Mom Trimark May-94 $0.00 Family PG
Traffic USA Films Dec-00 $124.11 Drama R
Training Day Warner Oct-01 $76.63 Drama R
Trainspotting Miramax Jul-96 $16.51 Drama R
Trainwreck Universal Jul-15 $110.21 Comedy R
Transamerica Weinstein Dec-05 $9.02 Comedy R
Transporter Fox Oct-02 $25.30 Action PG13
Trapped SPC Sep-02 $7.09 Drama R
Trapped In Paradise Fox Dec-94 $5.85 Comedy PG13
Trees Lounge Orion Oct-96 $0.00 Drama R
Trekkies Paramount May-99 $0.62 Docu PG
Trembling Before G-d New Yorker Oct-01 $0.79 Docu NR
Trial And Error New Line May-97 $13.57 Comedy PG13
Trial By Jury Warner Sep-94 $6.97 Drama R
Trials of Henry Kissinger First Run Sep-02 $0.52 Docu NR
Trick Fine Line Jul-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Trigger Effect, The Gramercy Aug-96 $3.61 Drama R
Triplets of Belleville, The SPC Nov-03 $7.01 Animation PG13
Trippin’ October May-99 $9.02 Comedy R
Tristan & Isolde Fox Jan-06 $14.73 Action PG13
Trois Rainforest Feb-00 $1.16 Thriller NC17
Troll In Central Park Warner Oct-94 $0.00 Family G
Tron:  Legacy Buena Vista Dec-10 $172.05 Action PG
Tropic Thunder Paramount Aug-08 $110.50 Action R
True Crime Warner Mar-99 $16.64 Crime R
True Grit (2010) Paramount Dec-10 $171.03 Westerm PG13
Truman Show, The Paramount Jun-98 $125.62 Comedy PG
Trust The Man Fox Searchlight Aug-06 $1.53 Comedy R
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Fox Apr-96 $34.08 Comedy PG13
Tsotsi Miramax Feb-06 $2.91 Drama R
Tuck Everlasting Buena Vista Oct-02 $19.20 Drama PG
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Magnet Dec-10 $0.22 Comedy R
Tully Small Planet Nov-02 $0.47 Drama R
Tumbleweeds Fine Line Nov-99 $1.35 Drama PG13
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Fox Mar-97 $8.12 Sequel PG
Tuxedo, The DreamWorks Sep-02 $50.22 Comedy PG13
Twelfth Night Fine Line Oct-96 $0.59 Comedy PG
Twelve Monkeys Universal Dec-95 $57.14 Thriller R
Twentyfourseven October Apr-98 $0.09 Comedy R
Twenty-One Triton Oct-91 $0.26 Drama R
Twice Upon A Yesterday Trimark Jun-99 $0.00 Comedy R
Twilight Summit Nov-08 $191.47 Drama PG13
Twilight (1998) Paramount Mar-98 $15.06 Drama R
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Summit Jun-10 $300.52 Adventure PG13
Twin Falls Idaho Sony PC Jul-99 $0.99 Drama R
Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk With Me New Line Aug-92 $4.15 Drama R
Two Brothers Universal Jun-04 $19.00 Drama PG
Two Can Play That Game Screen Gems Sep-01 $22.24 Comedy R
Two for the Money Universal Oct-05 $22.99 Comedy R
Two Girls And A Guy Fox Searchlight Apr-98 $1.96 Comedy R
Two If By Sea Warner Jan-96 $10.66 Comedy R
Two Much Buena Vista Mar-96 $1.08 Comedy PG13
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls Lionsgate Feb-07 $31.37 Drama PG13
Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself Lionsgate Sep-09 $51.70 Comedy PG13
Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys Lionsgate Sep-08 $37.02 Drama PG13
Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Lionsgate Oct-07 $55.18 Comedy PG13
U-571 Universal Apr-00 $65.43 Action PG13
Ugly Truth, The Sony Jul-09 $88.92 Comedy R
Ulee’s Gold Orion Jun-97 $9.16 Drama PG
Ultimate Gift, The The Bigger Picture Mar-07 $3.44 Drama PG
Ultimate X Buena Vista May-02 $4.20 Docu PG
Unbroken Universal Dec-14 $115.60 biography PG-13
Under Siege Warner Oct-92 $83.51 Action R
Under the Tuscan Sun Buena Vista Sep-03 $43.61 Comedy PG13
Underclassman Miramax Sep-06 $5.66 Comedy PG13
Undercover Brother Universal May-02 $38.20 Comedy $0.00
Underneath, The Gramercy Apr-95 $0.00 Drama R
Underworld Sony Sep-03 $51.48 Action R
Undiscovered Lionsgate Aug-05 $1.07 Comedy PG13
Undisputed Miramax Aug-02 $12.40 Action R
Unfaithful Fox May-02 $52.80 Drama $0.00
Unfinished Life Miramax Sep-05 $8.59 Drama PG-13
Unforgettable MGM Feb-96 $2.71 Thriller R
Unforgiven Warner Aug-92 $101.16 Drama R
Unhook the Stars Miramax Nov-96 $0.27 Drama R
Uninvited, The Paramount Jan-09 $28.60 Drama PG13
Uninvited, The (2008) Paramount Jan-09 $28.60 Drama PG13
United 93 Universal Apr-06 $31.48 Drama R
Unknown Warner Feb-11 $63.68 Drama PG13
Unstoppable Fox Nov-10 $81.56 Action PG13
Untraceable Screen Gems Jan-08 $28.69 Crime R
Up Buena Vista May-09 $292.98 Animation PG
Up Close And Personal Buena Vista Mar-96 $51.06 Drama PG13
Upside Of Anger, The New Line Mar-05 $18.76 Comedy R
Uptown Girls MGM Aug-03 $37.18 Comedy PG13
Urban Legend TriStar Sep-98 $38.08 Horror R
Urbania LionsGate Sep-00 $1.03 Drama R
Usual Suspects, The Gramercy Aug-95 $23.16 Crime R
U-Turn TriStar Oct-97 $6.64 Drama R
V for Vendetta Warner Mar-06 $70.51 Drama R
Valkyrie MGM Dec-08 $83.08 Drama PG13
Vampire In Brooklyn Paramount Oct-95 $19.63 Horror R
Vampires Sony Oct-98 $19.92 Horror R
Van Helsing Universal May-04 $120.03 Action PG13
Vanilla Sky Paramount Dec-01 $101.00 Thriller $0.00
Vanity Fair Focus Features Sep-04 $16.14 Drama PG13
Vanya On 42nd Street Sony PC Oct-94 $1.65 Comedy R
Varsity Blues Paramount Jan-99 $52.89 Comedy R
Velvet Goldmine Miramax Nov-98 $1.05 Drama R
Venus Miramax Dec-06 $3.35 Comedy R
Vera Drake Fine Line Oct-04 $3.78 Crime R
Very Bad Things Polygram Nov-98 $9.90 Comedy R
Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, A Warner Nov-11 $35.06 Comedy R
Very Long Engagement, A Warner Nov-04 $6.17 Drama R
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Weinstein Aug-08 $23.21 Drama PG13
Vie En Rose, La Picturehouse Nov-07 $10.30 Drama PG13
View from the Top Miramax Mar-03 $15.60 Comedy PG13
Village of the Damned Universal Apr-95 $8.73 Horror R
Village, The Buena Vista Jul-04 $114.00 Thriller $0.00
Virgin Suicides Paramount Apr-00 $4.91 Drama R
Virtuosity Paramount Aug-95 $24.00 SciFi R
Visitor, The Overture Apr-08 $9.43 Drama PG13
W.E. Weinstein Feb-12 $0.58 Drama R
Wag The Dog New Line Dec-97 $43.04 Comedy R
Wagons East TriStar Aug-94 $4.33 Westerm PG13
Waist Deep Focus Features Jun-06 $21.34 Action R
Waiting For Guffman Sony PC Feb-97 $2.92 Comedy R
Waiting to Exhale Fox Dec-95 $67.05 Comedy R
Waiting… Lionsgate Oct-05 $16.12 Comedy R
Waitress Fox Searchlight May-07 $19.07 Comedy PG13
Waking Life Fox Searchlight Oct-01 $2.90 Animation R
Waking Ned Devine Fox Searchlight Nov-98 $24.79 Comedy PG
Walk In The Clouds, A Fox Aug-95 $50.01 Drama PG13
Walk On Water Goldwyn Mar-05 $2.71 Drama R
Walk the Line Fox Nov-05 $119.52 Drama PG13
Walk to Remember, A Warner Jan-02 $41.24 Drama PG
Walking And Talking Miramax Jul-96 $1.29 Comedy R
Walking Dead, The Universal Feb-95 $6.01 Drama R
Walking Tall MGM Apr-04 $45.90 Action $0.00
Wall Street Fox Dec-87 $43.85 Drama R
Wallace & Gromit Movie: Curse of the Wererabbit DreamWorks Oct-05 $56.07 Animation G
Wall-E Buena Vista Jun-08 $222.10 Animation G
Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment First Run Dec-99 $0.00 Docu NR
Waltz with Bashir SPC Dec-08 $2.28 Docu R
Wanderlust Universal Feb-12 $17.80 Comedy R
Wanted (2008) Universal Jun-08 $135.00 Action R
War Lionsgate Aug-07 $20.64 Action R
War at Home, The Buena Vista Nov-96 $0.00 Drama R
War Horse Buena Vista Dec-11 $79.88 Drama PG13
War Room TriStar Aug-15 $67.79 Drama PG
War Within, the Magnolia Sep-05 $0.07 Drama R
War Zone Lot 47/Media Educ. Fdn. Dec-99 $0.12 Docu NR
War, The Universal Nov-94 $16.48 Drama PG13
Warlock Trimark Jan-91 $9.09 Action R
Warm Bodies Lionsgate Feb-13 $66.36 Comedy PG-13
Warrior Lionsgate Sep-11 $13.66 Drama PG13
Warriors of Virtue MGM May-97 $6.47 Adventure PG
Warrior’s Way, The Relativity Dec-10 $5.67 Action R
Wash, The Lionsgate Nov-01 $10.10 Comedy R
Washington Square Buena Vista Oct-97 $1.85 Drama PG
Watch, The Fox Jul-12 $35.35 Comedy R
Watchmen Warner Mar-09 $107.50 Action R
Water Fox Searchlight Apr-05 $5.50 Drama PG13
Water for Elephants Fox Apr-11 $58.06 Drama PG13
Waterboy, The Buena Vista Nov-98 $161.49 Comedy PG13
Way of The Gun, The Artisan Sep-00 $6.06 Crime R
Way, Way Back, The Fox Searchlight Jul-13 $21.59 Comedy PG-13
We Are Marshall Warner Dec-06 $43.53 Drama PG
We Own the Night Columbia Oct-07 $28.56 Crime R
We Were Soldiers Paramount Mar-02 $78.12 Drama R
Weather Man, The Paramount Oct-05 $12.48 Comedy R
Weather Underground, The Shadow Jun-03 $0.56 Docu NR
Wedding Crashers, The New Line Jul-05 $209.22 Comedy R
Wedding Date, The Universal Feb-05 $31.73 Comedy PG13
Wedding Singer, The New Line Feb-98 $0.00 Comedy PG13
Weekend IFC Sep-11 $0.47 Drama NR
Welcome To Sarajevo Miramax Nov-97 $0.33 Drama R
Welcome To The Dollhouse Sony PC May-96 $4.57 Comedy R
Wendy & Lucy Oscilloscope Pictures Dec-08 $0.86 Drama R
We’re The Millers Warner Aug-13 $150.39 Adventure R
Wes Craven’s New Nightmare New Line Oct-94 $18.05 Horror R
Whale Rider Newmarket Jun-03 $20.78 Drama PG13
What a Girl Wants Warner Apr-03 $36.02 Comedy PG
What Dreams May Come Polygram Oct-98 $55.38 Drama PG13
What Happened Was… Goldwyn Sep-94 $0.33 Comedy R
What The #$*! Bleep Do We Know!? IDP Feb-04 $10.94 Comedy R
What to Expect When You’re Expecting Lionsgate May-12 $41.15 Comedy PG13
What’s Love Got to Do With It Buena Vista Jun-93 $39.10 Drama R
What’s the Worst That Could Happen? MGM Jun-01 $32.10 Comedy $0.00
What’s Your Number? Fox Sep-11 $14.01 Comedy R
When A Man Loves A Woman Buena Vista Apr-94 $50.02 Drama R
When A Stranger Calls Sony Feb-06 $47.86 Horror PG13
When Night Is Falling October Nov-95 $0.92 Drama R
When We Were Kings Gramercy Oct-96 $2.00 Docu PG
Where The Rivers Flow North Caledonia Jan-94 $0.50 Drama PG13
Where the Wild Things Are Warner Oct-09 $77.22 Adventure PG
While You Were Sleeping Buena Vista Apr-95 $81.03 Comedy PG
Whip It Fox Searchlight Oct-09 $13.03 Drama PG13
Whipped Destination Sep-00 $4.14 0000000 R
White Chicks Sony Jun-04 $69.15 Comedy PG13
White Fang II: Myth Of The White Wolf Buena Vista Apr-94 $8.75 Adventure PG
White Man’s Burden Savoy Dec-95 $3.73 Drama R
White Men Can’t Jump Fox Mar-92 $71.97 Comedy R
White Noise Universal Jan-05 $56.09 Drama PG13
White Squall Buena Vista Feb-96 $10.26 Drama PG13
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Buena Vista Jun-88 $154.11 Animation PG
Who Killed the Electric Car? SPC Jun-06 $1.68 Docu PG
Whole Nine Yards, The Warner Feb-00 $57.26 Adventure R
Whole Ten Yards, The Warner Apr-04 $16.32 Comedy PG13
Whole Wide World, The Sony PC Dec-96 $0.00 Romance PG
Who’s Your Caddy? Weinstein Jul-07 $5.69 Comedy PG13
Why Did I Get Married Too? Lionsgate Apr-10 $60.10 Comedy PG13
Why Do Fools Fall In Love? Warner Aug-98 $12.51 Drama R
Wicker Park MGM Sep-04 $13.00 Drama PG13
Wide Awake Miramax Mar-98 $0.28 Comedy PG
Widow of St. Pierre Lionsgate Mar-01 $3.40 Drama R
Widow’s Peak Fine Line May-94 $6.24 Drama PG
Wild Fox Searchlight Dec-14 $37.88 Adventure R
Wild America Warner Jul-97 $7.34 Adventure PG
Wild Bill MGM Dec-95 $2.10 Westerm R
Wild Hogs Buena Vista Mar-07 $168.21 Action PG13
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Shadow Feb-05 $3.06 Docu G
Wild Safari 3D NWAVE Apr-05 $16.62 Docu NR
Wild Things Sony Mar-98 $30.15 Suspense R
Wild Thornberrys, The Paramount Dec-02 $39.90 Animation $0.00
Wildcats Warner Feb-86 $26.29 Comedy R
Wilde Sony PC May-98 $2.16 Drama R
Wildfire: Feel the Heat Primesco Mar-99 $2.04 Docu NR
Willard New Line Mar-03 $6.85 Comedy PG13
Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! DreamWorks Jan-04 $16.07 Comedy PG13
Win Win Fox Searchlight Mar-11 $10.18 Comedy R
Windtalkers MGM Jun-02 $40.91 Action R
Wings of Courage Sony PC Apr-95 $15.05 Drama G
Wings Of The Dove Miramax Nov-97 $13.69 Drama R
Winners, The First Run Jan-99 $0.01 Docu NR
Winslow Boy Sony PC Apr-99 $3.96 Drama G
Winter Guest Fine Line Dec-97 $0.87 Drama R
Winter’s Bone Roadside Attractions Jun-10 $6.36 Drama R
Wishmaster Artisan Sep-97 $15.74 Fantasy R
Witchboard Cinema Guild Jan-87 $7.40 Horror R
Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway Trimark Sep-93 $0.17 Horror R
With Honors Warner Apr-94 $20.04 Comedy PG13
Without a Paddle Paramount Aug-04 $58.20 Comedy PG13
Without Limits Warner Sep-98 $0.78 Drama PG13
Witless Protection Lionsgate Feb-08 $4.13 Comedy PG13
Wolf Columbia Jun-94 $65.00 Action PG13
Wolf Creek Weinstein Dec-05 $16.19 Adventure R
Wolverine, The Fox Jul-13 $132.56 Action PG13
Wolves Primesco Jan-99 $4.81 Docu NR
Woman in Black CBS Films Feb-12 $54.35 Drama PG13
Woman, Thou Art Loosed Magnolia Oct-04 $6.88 Drama R
Wonderland (2000) USA Films Jul-00 $0.41 Drama R
Wonderland (2003) Lionsgate Oct-03 $1.06 Crime R
Woo New Line May-98 $8.06 Comedy R
Wood, The Paramount Jul-99 $25.06 Comedy R
Woodsman, The Newmarket Dec-04 $1.57 Drama R
Words, The CBS Films Sep-12 $11.43 drama PG-13
World Trade Center Paramount Aug-06 $70.24 Drama PG13
World Traveler ThinkFilm Apr-02 $0.11 Drama R
World War Z Paramount Jun-13 $202.36 Action PG13
World’s End, The Focus Features Aug-13 $26.00 Action R
Wrestler, The Fox Searchlight Dec-08 $26.24 Drama R
Wristcutters: A Love Story Lionsgate Oct-07 $0.47 Comedy R
Wrong Turn Fox May-03 $15.42 Horror R
Wrongfully Accused Warner Aug-98 $9.60 Comedy PG13
X2: X-Men United Fox May-03 $215.00 Action PG13
X-Files, The Fox Jun-98 $83.90 SciFi PG13
X-Men Fox Jul-00 $157.30 Action PG13
X-Men First Class Fox Jun-11 $146.42 Action PG13
X-Men Origins Wolverine Fox May-09 $179.88 Action PG13
X-Men The Last Stand Fox May-06 $234.36 Action PG13
XXX Sony Aug-02 $141.22 Action PG13
Y Tu Mama Tambien IFC Mar-02 $13.65 Comedy NR
You Can Count On Me Paramount Nov-00 $9.18 Drama R
You Got Served Sony Jan-04 $40.07 Drama PG13
Young Adult Paramount Dec-11 $16.30 Comedy R
Young Guns Fox Aug-88 $45.66 Westerm R
Young Guns 2 Fox Aug-90 $44.10 Westerm PG13
Young@heart (Young at Heart) Fox Searchlight Apr-08 $3.96 Docu PG
Your Friends and Neighbors Gramercy Aug-98 $4.66 Drama R
Your Sister’s Sister IFC Jun-12 $1.64 Comedy R
You’re Next Lionsgate Aug-13 $18.49 Horror R
Youth in Revolt Weinstein Jan-10 $15.28 Comedy R
Youth without Youth Sony Dec-07 $0.24 Drama R
Yu-Gi-Oh! Warner Aug-04 $19.76 Animation PG
Zach and Miri Make a Porno Weinstein Oct-08 $31.50 Comedy NC17
Zathura Columbia Nov-05 $29.26 Action PG
Zero Effect Sony Jan-98 $2.09 Comedy R
Zodiac Paramount Mar-07 $33.08 Crime R
Zombieland Sony Oct-09 $75.59 Horror R
Zoolander Paramount Sep-01 $45.20 Comedy PG13